Paint Protection Film

Paint protection is a proven solution that protects the gloss and shine on the car caused by the natural weather conditions. The U V rays, can damage the car’s paint, making it look dirty and dull or sometimes even scorch the paint of the roof, making the scratches of birds dropping and stubborn dirt appear more prominent.


Car is washed with the unique foaming treatment that cleans the car body from all the dust and the grime. The exterior is given an exceptional polish with wax and the tires are dressed. The interiors are vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly.

Protective wax new or freshly painted cars

In Detail King we have different car cleaning services, to adjust to the different needs of our customers, offering personalized treatment according to the characteristics of each vehicle.

The service we offer is characterized by being a quality and ecological service, where customer satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to the excellent result achieved in each of our reconditioned. All our services are done by hand and in a traditional way.

Continuing with the advice for the exterior protection and the interior cleaning of the vehicle, the car waxing is a very necessary step that should be done from time to time after a wash and that in addition to providing all the shine and splendor to the paint of the car, protects against the in clemencies of the weather, against the sun’s rays and will prevent you from having to wash the car so often, as it repels water and dirt.

A Car Wax is water insoluble, which means that it will not get washed away in rain. It can defend your car’s exterior against sunlight and high temperatures because of its high melting point. Automotive wax is designed to stand extreme temperatures so that it doesn’t get melted away.

Benefits of Waxing Car

  • Get Perfect Shining of the Car
  • Air Contaminant Protection
  • Protect the Paint
  • Scratch Prevention
  • Washing of Car Becomes Easier
  • Reduce the Refinishing Cost
  • Protection from Pollution
  • Provides Attractive Looks
  • Reduces Cost of Cleaning
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