High Speed polishing

Polishing your vehicle has benefits in keeping the paint job protected against the elements and keeps the paint in the best possible shape. In case, the paint finish has incurred some minor scratching, the polishing may be able to completely remove it. With the high speed polishing, a vehicle restores finish like of the showroom condition.

Car Polishing Services in Christchurch | NZ

Benefits of Car Polishing Services

  • Eliminates contamination and minor defects of the body.
  • Eliminates swirl and circular marks.
  • Enriches the shine and restores the color of the paint.
  • Protects the body from UV rays, environmental pollution and oxidation.
  • It produces deep reflections and high brightness.
  • Protection lasting in time.



The polishing service is designed for those vehicles that over time have opaque paint due to sun, pollution, acid rain and other pollutants.

The polish recovers the original shine of the paint, in addition to covering small scratches that are perceptible to the eye, but that are not too deep to be felt with the nail.

It is recommended to polish a vehicle once a year or more depending on the condition of the paint. It is advisable to do it before selling it. A car in good condition is always more attractive.

Why choose us for Car Polishing Services in Christchurch?

At Detail King we have developed action protocols that all our specialist centers follow equally, using tools and chemical products tested by our Quality Department, which allow us to ensure excellent headlight polishing results that are fully guaranteed.

We perform polishing work on the paint to recover as much as possible, the state and perfect visual effect of brightness. We evaluate each car to be polished, measuring the thickness of each part, to define what type of polish to apply.

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