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Use the Mobile at the Gas Station: Is it Dangerous?

You arrive at the gas station and while you are refueling you notice the prohibition signs. And you think, it’s obviously dangerous to smoke from contact with high-flammability substances. But, why is it prohibited to use the mobile phone with the vehicle stopped at the gas station? Can it also cause a fire?

And then you think if you remember any case in which a gas station has exploded by the use of the mobile phone. You search the internet, and you get supposedly real cases of portals of very dubious credibility. Therefore, you ask yourself: will not it be an urban myth that mobile waves are capable of creating an explosion?

What science says?

Here is the answer:  Yes, it’s an urban myth. Or rather, a yes with very specific characteristics.

As confirmed by the scientific community (and common sense) to produce a reaction that leads to ignition, it is necessary to give a spark that comes in contact with flammable substances. More specifically, with the steam emitted by gasoline mixed with air.

Therefore, the radiation emitted by the mobiles is not capable of causing this reaction. The odds of this happening, while not zero, are tiny. It would be dangerous, for example, if we had problems with the battery and that sparks flew from it. In that case, the mobile itself would be very dangerous. But if this is not the case, carry it in your pocket and call you while you are refueling will not make the gas station jump through the air.

To make you more relaxed, the Mythbusters program, known in our country as Mythbusters , conducted an experiment to check what happened if you used your phone at a gas station. Spoiler alert: Nothing .

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The real danger: static electricity

It is curious that despite being repeatedly convinced of the danger of using a mobile phone, many do not know that the real danger we must know is the effect of static electricity. This is capable of causing an electric shock coming into contact with sufficient intensity can cause a reaction with the air and flammable substances contained in it.

While the chances of this happening, and in general that a gas station is set on fire, are very low, they are already greater than that caused by the radiation emitted by a mobile phone.

Therefore, it is recommended that when leaving to refuel, before touching the mouth of the tank, touch for a few seconds a metal part like the roof of the car. This way we will release part of the static electricity contained in us.

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