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The 10 Best Selling Cars in Spain in 2018 and their Prices

The market is in good health and, although the WLTP will arrive in September and will be a big challenge for dealers and manufacturers, according to experts, it will continue to grow.

In the Spanish market, the SUVs have a great part of the responsibility of the success, although the king is still the Lion, the compact one of Seat and the utilitarian also tread very strong. These are the 10 most sold cars in 2018 and their prices.


The León is the favorite car of the Spaniards, betting on it 21,204 times this 2018. Its arguments are an attractive design, several levels of equipment to adapt to any customer, sports versions such as the FR and the Cupra, an efficient mechanical offer and with low consumption and a reasonable price range that starts from the 18,270 euros of version 1.2 TSI of 110 HP with Reference finish, up to 35,970 of Leon Cupra of 300 HP with DSG change. For the most demanding there is the version Cupra R, limited series, 310 hp and DSG exchange for 46,375 euros.


The Ibiza copies the formula of the success of its bigger brother on a smaller scale and with a more contained price. It is a very practical car for its size and very interesting for its quality and its equipment, in addition to its levels of finish and versions. 19,519 people bought a car that starts at 13,560 euros of its most basic version, up to 21,250 of the model with a 1.6 TDI engine of 95 HP with DSG change and Excellence finish. For lovers of sportsmanship, the Ibiza FR with 150 hp TSI 1.5 engine will let you discover how ferocious an Ibiza can be for 19,620 Euros.


The first brother of the Seat Ibiza, with which he shares a platform, the German compact was the target of 17,183 buyers, who bet on the effectiveness and quality that all Volkswagens promise. With a bet similar to that of the Ibiza, its price range rises from 12,800 Euros of the Polo Edition 1.0 of 65 hp, to 24,305 of the radical Polo GTI with 2.0 TSI engine and 200 hp, a power that can move its little more of 1,300 kilos in an incredible way. For 17,680 Euros a hybrid version of gas and gasoline of 90 HP of power is offered.


There are always representatives of Dacia among the best sellers. 16,728 people went in search of a Sandero during the first semester of this year. Its main coat is a considerable level of equipment for 9,745 Euros. Its most expensive version starts at 12,830 Euros.

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The most famous Volkswagen vehicle was purchased by 16,551 people. Its great reputation, quality, and finishes make it an object of desire of many people. 18,635 Euros costs its most affordable version, 110 hp with 1.0 TSI engine, and 34,325 Euros variant GTI with a 2.0 TSI 230 hp.


Citroën offers comfort and safety in its entire offer, and with each model, they improve these sections. That’s what 16,385 people sought when they bought the French compact, whose two versions, 99 hp diesel and 110 hp gasoline, start at 15,590 Euros.


The first SUV on the list, and unique, is the Qashqai, the Nissan SUV. The 15,949 buyers found themselves with an all-around reference in the market. The Qashqai is available from 22,000 Euros in its version of 116 hp power, a price that can rise to 32,000 Euros with its variant of 163 hp.

FIAT 500

It was the big surprise of the market in Spain and it was even the best sold in the country in March. The most classic Fiat fell in love with  15,925  people, who took an urban of 12,510 euros in its most basic version. The top of the range, with a 95 HP Multijet engine, costs 18,310 euros.


The Clio has always been very popular in the market, where it directly rivals the Polo and the Ibiza. His proposal, which convinced 15,708 interested, is to offer a 1.2 engine 73 hp for 12,095 Euros. Although the most demanding will find a very playful variant in the Clio Renault Sport Trophy Energy for 24,920 Euros, which will offer 220 hp.

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With a proposal very similar to the Golf and the Lion, its great rivals, 15,155 people opted for the French compact, which starts, in its version of 101 HP, of 17,152 Euros. For 31,900 Euros, action lovers will find in the Megane RS, a great option, thanks to the 280 hp delivered and its aggressive image.

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