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The tool you want to have in your car whenever snow

Things You Need to Keep in Your Car During a Snowstorm

In the last week the low temperatures have been the protagonists and the snow has made an appearance with some devastating consequences. Last weekend many people were trapped on some roads and today they are still looking for the guilty. We do not have the solution to this question, but we bring you a tool that could be very useful in snow episodes.

It is called ‘Spare Me Rescue Tool’ and as its name suggests, its main purpose is to try to rescue a car from the effects of snow. It is a kind of shovel of 49 centimeters long made of nylon resin with glass filling that has two toothed surfaces. Its strong point is versatility, since it can be used to perform up to five different and interesting tasks for any user.


The first function has nothing to do with snow but is equally important (or more). Everyone has had to change a wheel once and this tool also helps. We have already given a series of tips to carry out this maneuver  and, sometimes, one of the most difficult things is to deflect the screws of the wheel with the pipe wrench. Thanks to the hollow handle of this tool it will be possible to leverage so that it is easier to make force.

As an elevator

Although it is only a matter of practice, sometimes placing the wheel in its place is complicated. Its considerable weight makes it difficult to reach and fit it in its exact place. The ‘Spare Me Rescue Tool’ can also be used as an elevator for the wheel thanks to its curved surface that allows leverage to get more easily to place it in the center.

As shovel

When a significant amount of snow has fallen, one of the most arduous tasks is to take it out of our way. The tool can also be used as a shovel to remove snow from the surroundings of the car. Its compact size also allows to reach narrower spaces such as the low ones and if there is a lot of snow you can remove the one on top of the car. Do not forget how important the roof is, because of the consequences it can bring .

To get traction

If after removing the snow from around the wheels the car does not come out, the tool can also lend a hand. It can be used to catch traction by placing it just below the wheel that is trapped. Thanks to the two toothed surfaces, the wheel can turn and exit without problems. As the surface resting on the floor also has teeth there will be enough grip so that the tool does not run off.

As a scraper

Windshields are also a problem in winter. These large glazed surfaces are the perfect target for ice and are difficult to clean properly. We recently left some tips for your care  and ‘Spare Me Rescue Tool’ can be used as a scraper thanks to its narrow edge. The width is 12.7 centimeters, so it will save time compared to other smaller scrapers.

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