Life of the Car Battery

Life of the Car Battery

Life of the Car Battery

How to Keep Your Batter Running Longer?

We have already told you on occasions that the car’s battery is the element of the vehicle that suffers most in winter. You can always try to start the car with tweezers, but when it starts to give problems, in most cases you have to end up changing the battery.

  1. Step on the clutch when starting

Even if the car is in neutral, if you do not step on the clutch you are forcing the starter to drag some gears of the gearbox, subjecting it to an overstrain … which affects the consumption of battery power.

  1. Do not force the starter

If the car does not start at the first, do not insist on the key as if there were no tomorrow again and again (or with the button, in the most modern cars). With this, you start the starter motor (which, as its name suggests, starts the engine), but you do not have to force it more than necessary. Both because of the wear and tear that it suffers, and because it causes unnecessary battery consumption. It is advisable to stop and let the battery breathe for at least 20 seconds.

  1. Avoid short trips

The highest battery consumption occurs at start-up. Up to a few minutes, the alternator does not begin to recharge it. When you abuse short journeys (very common in cities), the useful life is shortened considerably.

  1. All off when starting

The less effort the battery has to make, especially when it is nearing the end of its life, the better. Avoid starting the car with the lights on, the radio on or the air conditioning connected.

  1. Nothing lit with the engine stopped

There are some modern cars that already warn you if the engine stopped you turn on the radio, warning that you can download the battery. Also, avoid leaving the car lights on … including the interior lights. In one night you can take a dislike.

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  1. Monitor extreme temperatures

It is common for the battery to empty without warning in the extreme cold, but very high temperatures do not feel good either. Whenever possible, do not leave the car in the open for several hours at temperatures below 5º C or above 35º C.

  1. Eye with external electrical equipment

If you want to install audio equipment or external lights different from the standard ones, make sure you do it right or hire a reputable professional. If the connections are not well insulated, with the engine stopped there will be small discharges that will drain the battery prematurely. Depending on what you install, it may be advisable to install a more powerful battery, inform yourself.

  1. Clean terminals

In cars that have already completed a few years, a white crust can form on the terminals. To eliminate it, use a metal brush, water, and baking soda. You will avoid changing the battery ahead of time.

  1. Car stopped too long

Those who use the car very occasionally, especially when the battery has a time, will have verified that it can be completely downloaded. The idea is to start the car at least once a month and travel 30 or 40 kilometers by road or highway.

Tricks to Extend the Life of your Car

  1. Disconnect it

In a car that is going to spend a lot of time standing, a good idea is to disconnect it in case you are not going to use your vehicle for a long time. Doing it is as simple as removing the terminals, first the negative (black wire) and then the positive.

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