How to Get the Car Ready Before the Holidays

How to Get the Car Ready Before the Holidays

Is Your Car Ready for the Holiday Road Trip?

We recommend that you check the following elements of your vehicle before going on the road:

  • Wheel pressure: check that your wheels have the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, depending on the load of the car, both passengers and luggage. The more loaded the vehicle goes, the more pressure they will require. Remember that this must always be measured with cold tires. Also, check that your tires are in good condition, with at least a depth of 1.6 millimeters in the drawing. If the wheels are very worn and you are going to travel long distances it is advisable to change them before leaving, to avoid scares, since the more deteriorated the tires, the less grip they will offer.
  • Oil levels: with the engine cold, open the bonnet of the car and remove the oil rod. Clean it with a paper and reinsert it into the conduit, to remove it and check that the oil level is correct. If it is necessary to increase the oil level, check the type that your car needs in the manufacturer’s instructions and buy a bottle at any gas station.
  • Also check the brake pedal. It should show tension to the touch and not be soft. If you have doubts about the condition of the discs or brake pads, go to Car Detailing Services for a general review.
  • Cooling fluid and windscreen wiper water: with the hood open, check that the fluid levels are correct. The cooling, to avoid excessive heating of the engine and water to keep the windshield clean and, therefore, a correct visibility.
  • Check the lights: make sure all the headlights work to travel with total peace of mind at night. Flashers, brakes, position, crossing and long lights.
  • Review the papers: check that you have all the documentation in order in the glove compartment of the vehicle, to avoid setbacks in case the authorities require them on the road.
  • Check your emergency equipment: signaling triangles, spare wheel, vests and a set of spare lights. In case of incident on the road, they will guarantee your safety and that of yours.

If your car already has a good number of kilometers and you do not usually check the condition of its basic components, we recommend that before the holidays you go to the workshop for a general review. If you are going to travel to hot destinations recharge the air conditioning and clean the filters to ensure a more comfortable family trip. It is worth making a small investment of this kind to avoid scares and unpleasant incidents that can disrupt our family rest days.

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