use mobile at gas station

Use the Mobile at the Gas Station: Is it Dangerous?

You arrive at the gas station and while you are refueling you notice the prohibition signs. And you think, it’s obviously dangerous to smoke from contact with high-flammability substances. But, why is it prohibited to use the mobile phone with the vehicle stopped at the gas station? Can it also cause a fire?

And then you think if you remember any case in which a gas station has exploded by the use of the mobile phone. You search the internet, and you get supposedly real cases of portals of very dubious credibility. Therefore, you ask yourself: will not it be an urban myth that mobile waves are capable of creating an explosion?

What science says?

Here is the answer:  Yes, it’s an urban myth. Or rather, a yes with very specific characteristics.

As confirmed by the scientific community (and common sense) to produce a reaction that leads to ignition, it is necessary to give a spark that comes in contact with flammable substances. More specifically, with the steam emitted by gasoline mixed with air.

Therefore, the radiation emitted by the mobiles is not capable of causing this reaction. The odds of this happening, while not zero, are tiny. It would be dangerous, for example, if we had problems with the battery and that sparks flew from it. In that case, the mobile itself would be very dangerous. But if this is not the case, carry it in your pocket and call you while you are refueling will not make the gas station jump through the air.

To make you more relaxed, the Mythbusters program, known in our country as Mythbusters , conducted an experiment to check what happened if you used your phone at a gas station. Spoiler alert: Nothing .

Five Tricks to Save Fuel using Air Conditioning

The real danger: static electricity

It is curious that despite being repeatedly convinced of the danger of using a mobile phone, many do not know that the real danger we must know is the effect of static electricity. This is capable of causing an electric shock coming into contact with sufficient intensity can cause a reaction with the air and flammable substances contained in it.

While the chances of this happening, and in general that a gas station is set on fire, are very low, they are already greater than that caused by the radiation emitted by a mobile phone.

Therefore, it is recommended that when leaving to refuel, before touching the mouth of the tank, touch for a few seconds a metal part like the roof of the car. This way we will release part of the static electricity contained in us.

Tricks to Save Fuel

Five Tricks to Save Fuel using Air Conditioning

Summer is approaching and we are already having the first days with an overwhelming heat, with thermometers marking temperatures above 30 degrees. In addition to protecting your car from the sun and monitoring the problems with air conditioning, there are also tricks for the air conditioning to cool properly without involving a greater expenditure of fuel, as well as to extend its life and start to give failures at the most inappropriate moment and finish with the cabin turned into a furnace.

And is that air conditioning affects the consumption of the vehicle. While it is on, a compressor sucks the refrigerant gas and passes it to a condenser, where it returns to liquid state in a radiator… until the expansion valve, where it goes back to gas and cools down. After cooling the air, it passes thanks to a fan through the grilles of the dashboard aerators … and back to start.

All this process of removing heat from the air by mechanical processes (drawing air from the outside or recalculating the passenger compartment) spends energy, which comes from the car engine, which must make more effort : in addition to moving the vehicle, the engine You must operate the compressor. This extra effort translates into an increase in consumption between 5 and 20% (a few tenths in consumption, although it varies depending on the type of car).

And yes, benefits are lost, but you will only notice it in cars with small engines and demanding a lot of air conditioning. It is also true that some modern vehicles choose to disconnect the air conditioner if the pedal is pressed fully, so as not to compromise safety by demanding maximum power.

Before entering

It is obvious that the more we try to lower the interior temperature, it will cost more energy (fuel in this case), to reach it. Therefore, using tricks to cool a car quickly can save some fuel.

Tips to Start your Car Cold

When starting

Do you get to the car and discover that it is like an oven? To help the air conditioning to work, it is ideal that during the first minutes circulating proceed to open the window a little. Yes, at the same time you turn on the air conditioner. As hot air weighs less than cold, it tends to go up. That way you help it to go away and be replaced by the cold more quickly. After a while, you can proceed to close them.


In our tips to spend less fuel we already tell you that lowering the windows of the car worsens aerodynamics. That will make the car spend more … but that aerodynamic loss is not too big if the speed is low. According to several studies, the critical moment is at 80-90 km / h (from there, the air that enters “slows down” the car.) Hence, in urban journeys at a lower speed, you spend less fuel with the down windows that use background air conditioning to cool the car.

Sometimes, when the heat is a lot, lowering the windows is not enough to guarantee a comfortable temperature … but opening them will renew the hot air of the car, lowering a few degrees to the passenger compartment and making the compressor work less … spending less fuel.

Have you used it in winter?

Like any component in the car, getting it to work regularly is a guarantee that it will work when needed. So do not hesitate to use it for actions like demisting the crystals in winter. In addition to gaining security (it is much faster to gain visibility), you ensure that it is not damaged by lack of use.

Do not force it

To prevent the air conditioning from spoiling, it is also vital to avoid working at maximum power. In this sense, remember the first two points to lower the temperature of the passenger compartment before starting the road … and once underway, be rational with its use. Nor do you have to freeze. The ideal temperature inside the car should be around 22 degrees. Anything lower than that temperature is an unnecessary expense of fuel.

Tips to Start your Car Cold

Tips to Start your Car Cold

The cars of today do not suffer as before the problems of starting in cold, but in New Zealand a good part of the car park is more than 8 years old and suffers in the cold winters. First of all, if a car is in perfect condition should not have problems at the time of starting but the fact is that the lack of fine tuning plays tricks on many occasions.

Recently we talked about some solutions so that winter does not spoil your car and today we will focus on the moment of the start. Because if the maintenance of the car has not been exemplary and the problems with the start-up appear, we leave you some tips that can help  and that can be applied to the vast majority of vehicles.


It goes without saying that if the car is indoors you have many more chances of starting your car without problems, although this is not always possible. In the event that you have to park on the street, it is best to find a place not very exposed, that is sheltered from the wind and if possible under the street lighting, that something can help.


The Car battery is one of the elements that suffers more problems in winter . A very cold battery has much less starting power than a hotter one. So, a good hot and dry cloth on the battery a few minutes before starting can be an interesting first option. In the event that the battery is broken, we share these tips to buy a new one.


For extreme cases, it is important to know that less viscous (more fluid) oil facilitates cold start. This practice is more widespread in competition engines taking into account the temperature of the place where it runs. Another option is multigrade oils, capable of achieving a better viscosity to start without problems in winter.

In diesel

In diesel cars, you can operate heaters a couple of times; Even if you abuse a little battery, the starter must surely work less. It will always be necessary to wait until the heater warning light goes off (in the form of a spring), to try again.

In gasoline

In gasoline engines taking good care of the spark plugs should not have problems with the start. This element serves to produce the spark that ignites the engine and if its state is not correct it is likely that there are problems to start. In a gasoline car will have the advantage of not needing as much time at idle as in a diesel.


If it is a carburetion engine you can try to take two or three quick and hard strokes before hitting the contact. You will help to prime the carburetor and facilitate the start.


Periodically change the air filters and fuel filters to facilitate starting. Some time ago we talked about the different filters that cars have and some keys for their correct maintenance. In fact, the particulate filter in diesel cars is one of the most common problems.

‘A capón’

If you cannot start the car you just have to look for a small fall in the street and leave the car in neutral, with the inertia you will get speed and it is at that moment when you put the second gear and the car should start.

car in Snowstorm

The tool you want to have in your car whenever snow

Things You Need to Keep in Your Car During a Snowstorm

In the last week the low temperatures have been the protagonists and the snow has made an appearance with some devastating consequences. Last weekend many people were trapped on some roads and today they are still looking for the guilty. We do not have the solution to this question, but we bring you a tool that could be very useful in snow episodes.

It is called ‘Spare Me Rescue Tool’ and as its name suggests, its main purpose is to try to rescue a car from the effects of snow. It is a kind of shovel of 49 centimeters long made of nylon resin with glass filling that has two toothed surfaces. Its strong point is versatility, since it can be used to perform up to five different and interesting tasks for any user.


The first function has nothing to do with snow but is equally important (or more). Everyone has had to change a wheel once and this tool also helps. We have already given a series of tips to carry out this maneuver  and, sometimes, one of the most difficult things is to deflect the screws of the wheel with the pipe wrench. Thanks to the hollow handle of this tool it will be possible to leverage so that it is easier to make force.

As an elevator

Although it is only a matter of practice, sometimes placing the wheel in its place is complicated. Its considerable weight makes it difficult to reach and fit it in its exact place. The ‘Spare Me Rescue Tool’ can also be used as an elevator for the wheel thanks to its curved surface that allows leverage to get more easily to place it in the center.

As shovel

When a significant amount of snow has fallen, one of the most arduous tasks is to take it out of our way. The tool can also be used as a shovel to remove snow from the surroundings of the car. Its compact size also allows to reach narrower spaces such as the low ones and if there is a lot of snow you can remove the one on top of the car. Do not forget how important the roof is, because of the consequences it can bring .

To get traction

If after removing the snow from around the wheels the car does not come out, the tool can also lend a hand. It can be used to catch traction by placing it just below the wheel that is trapped. Thanks to the two toothed surfaces, the wheel can turn and exit without problems. As the surface resting on the floor also has teeth there will be enough grip so that the tool does not run off.

As a scraper

Windshields are also a problem in winter. These large glazed surfaces are the perfect target for ice and are difficult to clean properly. We recently left some tips for your care  and ‘Spare Me Rescue Tool’ can be used as a scraper thanks to its narrow edge. The width is 12.7 centimeters, so it will save time compared to other smaller scrapers.

Detailk King

We offer quality car care services including a full service soft touch car wash with professional full and express detailing packages.

Life of the Car Battery

Life of the Car Battery

How to Keep Your Batter Running Longer?

We have already told you on occasions that the car’s battery is the element of the vehicle that suffers most in winter. You can always try to start the car with tweezers, but when it starts to give problems, in most cases you have to end up changing the battery.

  1. Step on the clutch when starting

Even if the car is in neutral, if you do not step on the clutch you are forcing the starter to drag some gears of the gearbox, subjecting it to an overstrain … which affects the consumption of battery power.

  1. Do not force the starter

If the car does not start at the first, do not insist on the key as if there were no tomorrow again and again (or with the button, in the most modern cars). With this, you start the starter motor (which, as its name suggests, starts the engine), but you do not have to force it more than necessary. Both because of the wear and tear that it suffers, and because it causes unnecessary battery consumption. It is advisable to stop and let the battery breathe for at least 20 seconds.

  1. Avoid short trips

The highest battery consumption occurs at start-up. Up to a few minutes, the alternator does not begin to recharge it. When you abuse short journeys (very common in cities), the useful life is shortened considerably.

  1. All off when starting

The less effort the battery has to make, especially when it is nearing the end of its life, the better. Avoid starting the car with the lights on, the radio on or the air conditioning connected.

  1. Nothing lit with the engine stopped

There are some modern cars that already warn you if the engine stopped you turn on the radio, warning that you can download the battery. Also, avoid leaving the car lights on … including the interior lights. In one night you can take a dislike.

Car Wheel Detailing Guide

  1. Monitor extreme temperatures

It is common for the battery to empty without warning in the extreme cold, but very high temperatures do not feel good either. Whenever possible, do not leave the car in the open for several hours at temperatures below 5º C or above 35º C.

  1. Eye with external electrical equipment

If you want to install audio equipment or external lights different from the standard ones, make sure you do it right or hire a reputable professional. If the connections are not well insulated, with the engine stopped there will be small discharges that will drain the battery prematurely. Depending on what you install, it may be advisable to install a more powerful battery, inform yourself.

  1. Clean terminals

In cars that have already completed a few years, a white crust can form on the terminals. To eliminate it, use a metal brush, water, and baking soda. You will avoid changing the battery ahead of time.

  1. Car stopped too long

Those who use the car very occasionally, especially when the battery has a time, will have verified that it can be completely downloaded. The idea is to start the car at least once a month and travel 30 or 40 kilometers by road or highway.

Tricks to Extend the Life of your Car

  1. Disconnect it

In a car that is going to spend a lot of time standing, a good idea is to disconnect it in case you are not going to use your vehicle for a long time. Doing it is as simple as removing the terminals, first the negative (black wire) and then the positive.

car Upholstery cleaning

How to Clean the Upholstery of your Car?

Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Your Car’s Upholstery

Cleaning the car’s upholstery does not have to become a nightmare if you know what you’re up against. There are thousands of products on the market that ensure that your car seats are impeccable, although it is advisable to know how to use each one and which of them is the best for each type of stain. In addition, there is always some homemade practice that will allow you to save a few euros. Needless to say, if we are talking about ‘premium’ cars with leather upholstery, it is best not to gamble and scratch your pocket.


They are the most economical solutions but they can carry a risk if they are not done with care. Keep in mind that the liquids used should be left on top of the stain to act and we should not rub, but dry gently with a dry cloth. In addition, it will be important to always have wipes or liquid soap on hand to prevent stains from drying out, as in this case, they will be more difficult to remove.

Chewing gum: when traveling with children it is very likely that we will end up with some candy stuck to the upholstery. The worst thing is the chewing gum that we will have to harden them with an ice and, with care, remove them with a spatula.

Auto Detailing Services

Vomiting: we will use soap and water as soon as possible to remove the stain and, in this case, if it will be necessary to rub. Sometimes, we will have no choice but to take the car to a site specialized in cleaning interiors, as we can damage the upholstery when rubbing and the unpleasant smell is not always totally eliminated.

Ink: mix alcohol and water in equal parts in a container and apply on the stain.

Coffee: with cold water and glass cleaner you can end up with this very common dirt in the cars we use to go to work.

Fat: a mixture of water with a little degreaser can be the solution for these spots.

Chocolate: with liquid soap and a wet cloth we should be able to eliminate this type of stains.

Makeup: we will use the detergent we bought for the washing machine or even liquid make-up remover, the latter carefully and applying a little at the beginning in case the reaction it produces could be corrosive.


There are many cleaners on the market, including some specific for each type of stain. You can find them at gas stations, in stores specializing in vehicle repair and in large areas that have a section dedicated to the automotive world.

The dry foam is the most widespread product and is as close to ‘spot removers’ used for clothing. Dirt like the one that leaves the blood can be removed without too much trouble by applying this product, leaving it to dry and then removing it with a dry cloth.

For leather upholstery it is advisable to apply a special nourishing cream for this material from time to time and, above all, to use specialized products to eliminate stains on its surface. They are products that are usually expensive and that we may only use once or twice, but they ensure that the upholstery will not be damaged.

Tips to Clean the Car

20 Homemade Tricks and Tips to Clean the Car

Inside and Outside Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If we search among the cleaning products we have at home, whether for bathing, cooking or personal hygiene, we may find one that allows us to improve the appearance, both inside and outside of our car. In addition, with a little skill and cunning it is possible to make small miracles with products as simple as a gel or some food. But it is also possible to solve emergencies that arise with small tricks and, above all, without having to spend money on specific products to clean the car, which, moreover, are not always easy to find.

We propose 20 homemade tricks that you can use to eliminate stains, odors or solve minor problems that may arise unexpectedly in your car.


If you want to get rid of a dent in the body without having to go through the workshop and spend a lot of money, use a drain tube. Moisten the edge of the suction cup and place it over the dent. Then pull like when you’re going to unclog a pipe.


To restore the original shine to the tire, pass water with a hose and let it dry. Then, pour a can of cola and brush with a brush along the rubber. You’ll see how bright they are. You can also use a furniture polish, which leaves less waste.


With an ice pack, you can harden the rubber and then scrape. It will only take you three minutes. It can also be worth a hair dryer.


Moisten the spots with linseed oil and let it act for a few minutes. Then rub with a damp flannel cloth. You will see that the result is positive.


We talk about those inevitable spots left by the little ones in the backrest of the front seats. One option is to remove the children’s shoes. You can also place a transparent plastic on the bottom of both seats. Although it will have to be renewed every so often because the kicks of children are inevitable and the plastic ends up tearing.


If you want the windows of your car to always shine, cook some potatoes and when they are ready, strain the water and mix it with a little vinegar. Next, clean the glass with this preparation. You will see that they begin to shine.


With this trick, you will get your car to be like new, at least from the outside. Mix a little alcohol and a little liquid petroleum jelly in a bowl. Apply the mixture to the body. Then wash the car, dry it and then wipe it with a cloth.


The terminals of the batteries are usually filled with grease and dust. To remove this dirt, use a cloth moistened with Coca-Cola. The result will surprise you.


For both resin and tar stains, use a cloth moistened with alcohol. After a few minutes rubbing, your efforts will be rewarded and will disappear.


If you think your tire has punctured and you do not have a spare tire or anti-puncture kit, you can solve the problem temporarily if you have a nail in your hand. Lift the car with the jack and examine the flat tire to locate the source of the leak. If the hole is due to a blow on the rubber, there is no other solution than to call the crane. If the hole is small and much localized, you can always try to drive a nail or a large enough screw into the hole in order to prevent the air from continuing to come out. Stop at the first gas station to inflate the tire a little more and do not forget that it is a temporary “fix”. You will have to go to the workshop.


Although it may seem a joke or sound like a myth, the truth is that it is a very common practice in several countries. Place a small aspirin in the navel and stick it with two cross strips of heat. Another solution is to give them some gingerbread cookies before the trip because ginger has properties that prevent nausea.


The eucalyptus fruits are perfect natural air fresheners. Place a dozen of these fruits in the areas of the car that receive the air from the ventilation channels. You will see how your trip has a more natural fragrance. The “pine” air fresheners that can be bought at the supermarket can also be an option.


If there are watermarks left on your car’s glass, rinse the glass with water and clean it with a newspaper. Next, cut an onion in half and pass it on the glass. Afterwards, you just have to clean the glass with a damp cloth.


It can happen that windows cannot open and close properly because the “elevator” is broken. If the window is open, lift it with your hands. Then insert the tip of a screwdriver between the glass and the inner lining of the door, making a wedge. In this way, you prevent it from falling. Go checking every so often if the screwdriver still holds the glass. With the vibrations that occur during the march, it is possible for glass to slide down. As soon as possible, go to a workshop to solve the problem.


Take a jar of shaving foam, put a little in a sponge or directly on the stain and rub with a brush. Then dry it the result is very positive.

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If for any reason you have run out of a rear-view mirror, there is a homemade trick, albeit temporary, to continue having visibility. Buy a small mirror, one of those that come in the makeup boxes and stick it on what is left of the back of the structure. Use adhesive tape and fix it. The view may not be very orthodox, but it is more than enough to circulate. Another option, just as cheap (from 9.95 euros) is to buy a spare rear-view mirror or adhesive sheet for the rear-view mirror. The quality is worse, but it makes you the solution.


As if it were a race in an average, use a pot of nail polish. Apply several layers at the ends of the break. Of course, be careful not to put the paint in the driver’s field of vision, especially if it is dark in color.


Although most cars come equipped with a magic button that allows you to demist the windows through the ventilation grilles in record time, there are very curious homemade solutions. For example, pass a simple and common soap bar on the glazed surface. Afterwards, the layer created with a dry cloth would simply have to be cleaned. For a few months it will not tarnish.


This work is not something we do every day. However, when the time comes to do it, the task can become a horror, especially if they rust. To remove them with less effort, pour a little Coke over the nuts and wait a few minutes. You’ll see how they ease easily.

Car Paint Protection Film


To remove from the car those old stickers put by the previous owner, both in the body and in the glass, use a heat source. The best thing is a hair dryer, which when used with care will help you to take off the old adhesive. To remove possible adhesive residue, use a cloth soaked in vinegar. If the sticker was on the glass, use a spatula to scrape the glue residue.

Tips To Keep Your Car’s Windows Clean During Rainy Season

These tips are especially useful in the rainy season.

As much as we are excellent drivers, it would not do any good to be an ace at the wheel in case there is no excellent visibility through the windshield and the rest of the windows of the car. Keep in mind that 90% of the information we receive when driving reaches the brain through sight.

In this situation, it is extremely important that the glasses of the vehicle are clean to the extent possible. Also, it is vital that the windshield wipers work perfectly and that the water tank of them never lacks water.

The terrible mosquitoes

It is very common that when travelling on the road the insects end up stamped against the windshield, so there is to clean them continuously so as not to compromise visibility or damage the windshield wipers. Here is a clear example of why we should have enough liquid in the tank because when we go and an insect hits the glass, it can leave a large stain that makes our visibility difficult. If at that time we do not carry liquid in the tank, the wipers will only expand the stain and we will see even less, creating a dangerous situation.

The rain

Umbrella For Car

Another point to consider is that when using the windshield wipers with water when we carry the sun face, we will see almost nothing for a few seconds by the effect of lightning on the liquid and dirt.

On the other hand, although it may seem that an occasional rain serves to clean the windshield, the truth is that in many cases a rain discharges only dirtier the front glass of the vehicle, especially if the clouds are also loaded with dust. If, in addition, we use windshield wipers when the moon is not clean at all, we will spread that dirt.

Once at home, we can moisten a cloth with water and some soap or household cleaning product, and let it act during the night: cleaning the windshield the next day will be much easier with the remains already softened.

Car Cleaning Services Christchurch

Dust and sand

Dusting Brush For Car

Use brushes with soft bristles or, failing that, a soft cloth with which you can apply pressure without damaging the glass, is essential for a good cleaning. For the windshield, you can use a bit of baking soda in a microfiber cloth in the case of very sharp spots.

Another great enemy is dust and sand. In general, dryness and high temperatures cause more dust and sand to rise in the environment. In addition, the cracks of the asphalt are dilated by heat and dust accumulates in them. In its passage cars raise that grit, part of which ends on the windshield.

In these scenarios, you do not have to activate the windshield wipers, which could damage and scratch the windows. Here the ideal would be to clean the car with air and water pressure or carry a carafe filled with water, to remove most of the sand crystals and be able to drive safely before cleaning the car in depth.

5 Tips To Drive Safe On Hot Days

These recommendations are ideal to handle when temperatures are too high.

With the arrival of summer, it is common that in many regions of the country the temperature rises considerably, which favours a warm climate. Obviously, this heat is not only felt outdoors but also felt in the car. It is proven that the interior of the vehicle can reach temperatures of more than 60 degrees Celsius; this excess heat causes the air actuated take more time to lower the temperature.

These high temperatures in the car’s interior not only make driving uncomfortable but also reduce the concentration and responsiveness of those behind the wheel. Therefore, the risk of suffering an accident increases considerably.

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Faced with this situation, some measures must be taken in order to prevent the interior from getting too hot:

Hot Days Driving Tips

1.-Since the crystals in addition to letting the sun’s rays increase the temperature, it is best to ink the windows and/or place a sunscreen on the windshield. In any case, try to park the car in a shadow, or in the opposite direction to the sun’s rays.

2.-It is also advisable to leave the windows and the panoramic roof slightly down in case the vehicle has it. Once we start our tour you have to turn on the air conditioning and lower the windows completely for a few moments so that hot air accumulates.

3.- Another thing that is advised is to use a sleeve or apply sunscreen in case the sun’s rays are facing the left side, to protect the skin from UV rays.

4.-As much as there is too much heat outside, it is advisable that the temperature of the air conditioning is around 21 degrees Celsius. In addition, the interior of the vehicle should not be cooled too much so that there is no great difference when leaving the car, as it can cause respiratory problems. Also, it is best to direct the air upwards and not to the head or body.

5.-Regardless of the air conditioning, it is very important for hot trips the intake of liquids (water and tea) avoid dehydration.

Car Paint Care Tips

How to Take Care of Our Car Paint?

Car Paint Care Tips by Detail King – Car Detailing Services Providers Christchurch

It is important to clean it with the appropriate products, not to wash it when there is a lot of suns and to polish it at most once a year, among others.

The appearance of our car speaks of how we take care of it and reflects our personality in a certain way, so it is very important to have it always shining.

The paint of our car is delicate and maintaining its color is not an easy task, so you have to carry out a series of tips to keep it well cared for.

Here are some tips so that the paint on your car always looks like new:

– It is important to wash our car no more than twice a week with the right products, use shampoo for cars, soft sponges and brushes or 100% cotton rags. Remember to completely wet the car when you wash it to avoid scratching the paint.

– It is advisable to protect the paint with the application of Teflon or wax it every change of season. In this way, we avoid that the dirt sticks and it is much easier to wash it.

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– We must polish the paint of our car at most once a year, in order to eliminate scratches or small marks that are generated by some carelessness, rain or dirt.

– We try to keep our car under a covered place and where the air circulates, if we cannot place a cover that is made of fabric, never plastic.

– Avoid parking under a tree, as the bird droppings are very damaging to the paint. As well as avoid parking for a long time under the sun so that the paint does not burn.

– If you apply a polish or protector, avoid not doing it when there is a lot of heat, as the sun accelerates drying and some white spots may remain on the paint.

– Never wash your car with household detergents or other types of solvents, since these contain chemical agents that deteriorate the paint prematurely.

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