Eliminate Odors

Eliminate Odors from the Interior of your Vehicle

The cleaning of the interior of cars is very important to maintain a space that we use a lot in the best conditions as well as to give a good image to those who climb with us, be it family, friends, etc. What impression would it make if our car is dirty or smells bad?

Of scents, we will talk in this entry, one of the great handicaps for those who use the car very often, for those who smoke inside or have young children who sometimes put everything lost with food, drink, vomit etc. All the organic stains are decomposed and besides being able to dinar to the upholstery or plastics, they also smell, and very badly.

Vacuuming the car can be a good idea and much more if we make a steam cleaning of the car’s upholstery, which will remove much of the dirt that adheres to the seats every day.

Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

To remove dirt and possible odors from the dashboard you can use a liquid such as white vinegar, it is very powerful and less strong than alcohol, which will make you respect the plastics, although you have to leave the doors open for a while to go that smell.

If you smoke in the car, the ceiling will smell bad, so you have to use soap and water, never use steam cleaning because the coating could come off. Putting one or two charcoal stones will help us to improve the environment since it is a material that is used in many models of air filters.

Finally, we cannot forget the mats, another corner of the car where more dirt accumulates and not use air fresheners when the car already smells bad, because not only masks the smell but could worsen the smell of the car.

Because there are a lot of stains that produce odors that are very difficult to remove from our vehicle, it is advisable to go to a washing center specialized in getting a complete cleaning of your car.

Why should we keep our car in a good state of cleanliness?

Having a car is a responsibility, something that must be taken care of and taken care of so that we always have it in the best conditions, both of operation and aesthetics, therefore it must receive a mechanical attention periodically and take care of it inside such as a good cleaning car upholstery, to finish with any liquid, food, vomit or any other kind of dirt that could have, whether it is fabric or skin, because everyone likes to have a car tidy and clean.

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The engine is one of the parts of the car that suffer the most, not only for its own work, which is already hard but because it is exposed to dirt at all times, making some of its most external parts look clogged by dirt.

If the car counts leather seats it is very important not only to have them clean but to take care of the skin so that it does not crack, especially in those places where they have more use, for that reason you have to hydrate the skin so that it always stays in the best conditions and lasts a long time.

Having the car in optimal cleaning conditions will not cost us too much time, it also gives us a good image, which is ideal when it comes to going out with friends, family or when you have to take a co-worker to the workplace. The car reveals part of our personality and if we go with a dirty car, with things thrown by the mats or even with a bad smell, the impression we will make will be very bad.

Car Paint care

Tips to Take Care of your Car Paint


Keeping your car’s paint in good condition is not a difficult task, as long as you follow the right recommendations for car care. Although on a daily basis, it may be suffering different damages due to climate changes and other factors. That is why here we bring you a series of recommendations to take care of your car paint.

  1. – Wash the car frequently:

This is as simple as leaving the dirt for long periods of time can cause stains, corrosion and oxidation. It is advisable to wash your car three to four times a month.

  1. – Wash it in shadow:

It is advisable to wash the car when the sheet is cold, and avoid washing it under the sun, so we will avoid any stain of impregnated water.

  1. – Use exclusive products:

Try to use specialized shampoo for car paints, flannels with soft textures such as microfibers, soft bristle brushes and special sponges for the car.

  1. – Remove stains immediately:

If your car appeared with bird waste, insect remains, tree resins, tar and other residues, it will be necessary to remove them quickly by wetting the residue for a few seconds, and then removing them with a soft damp cloth, using gentle movements and doing so. Little by little. This will avoid permanent stain marks.

Paint Protection Film

  1. – Use wax:

It is recommended to wax the car every 2 or 3 months; this will help the car paint always keep a good appearance. The wax serves as a protective layer to prevent corrosion, among other substances that are usually impregnated in the paint layer. Avoid waxing the car in the sun, this speeds up the drying of the product and will make the paint stain.

  1. – Try to avoid the washing machines:

It is better to wash the car by hand, if we can do it or find where, since this method is less aggressive than a car wash.

  1. – Avoid parking the car in uncomfortable places:

Try to store or park the car in covered places, and if this is not possible, it is recommended to use special covers for cars. This will prevent the sun from burning the paint over time.

  1. – Quality products:

They say that “cheap is expensive”. Always try to use quality products; it will be the best option to keep the paint in your car in excellent condition.

5 Tips To Drive Safe On Hot Days

  1. – Tires:

Remember to wash the tires and keep them mud, so avoid rolling the body to stain again and the work has been in vain.

Driving a clean car is a great satisfaction and a reason for joy. In addition to a good care to the outside of the car, it will maintain an adequate value which you will appreciate when you think about selling it.

Tricks to Extend the Life of your Car

If I told you that by applying these tricks you can extend the life of your car, would you be willing to put them all into practice? Think that although now making a small payment does not go very well; you may be avoiding a much fatter bill within a few months.

  1. Protect the paint

Rays of the sun, insect remains, bird droppings … All this attacks the painting on a daily basis. Apply a layer of wax to get more protection; Ideally, do it a couple of times a year since a wax hand prevents moisture from penetrating.

Remember that a painting in poor condition detracts from the value of the car when you try to sell it in the second-hand market.

  1. Get a protective front fitting

Do you frequently drive along stretches of highway? If so, you should inspect the front of the car in case the small Chinese that lifts other vehicles have damaged the paint on the bonnet or fin. To protect the area from these minor impacts, you can use a special protective film of paint.

  1. Check the ‘tripe’ of the car

By car guts, we do not refer to the engine but to deeper parts and space. The anti-corrosion protection of a modern car is usually enough, but if it is a vehicle with a few years behind it is advisable to take care of the interior of the engine with wax or protective greases.

Some specialists use a special endoscope to observe the cavities of the car. Many times the appearance offered by the holes is not ideal, and a treatment with grease or wax is recommended.

  1. Review the rubber seals

The plastics of your couch and age by the influence of the environment and poorly support the use of inappropriate detergent. Be careful if you use products with strong abrasive properties, because they are capable of damaging rubber parts or plastic parts.

There are many external factors that can break the gums. If this happens, your car will not only offer a deteriorated appearance; In addition, it will suffer more from the weather (even water can enter the cabin with heavy rain).

To avoid this, use rubber renovators every so often and, in verabo, submerge the dashboard so that the sun does not harm you.

Tips To Keep Your Car’s Windows Clean

  1. Wash frequently

The accumulation of dirt is a source of corrosion, which is why it is important to remove the embedded stains soon. A tip for self-washing: perform a pre-wash with the high-pressure gun to remove dirt from difficult areas (corners, fins …). Also, remove the accumulated sheets in the air inlets.

  1. Monitors the oil level

When the oil level indicator light comes on, you cannot delay the fill for a minute: that is, it is well below the minimum mark (better not to check how far your car can go without oil).

  1. Replaces the timing belt

Beware of belt change intervals indicated by the manufacturer if the warranty is terminated: it is one of the most expensive repairs.

If it rips out early, chances are you will not receive any compensation. In any case, respect the pre-established deadlines as if it were something sacred, even try not to hurry them and pass as a foresighted person.

  1. Attentive to tire pressure

It is not easy to detect a tire in poor condition while driving. Even an expert driver can notice that the rubber has lost the drawing when it is too late. If the pressure is low, the tire will get very hot on the highway sections. The deformations in the flanks or the tread pose a huge danger!

The advice is to regularly check the condition of the tires and always before leaving on a trip; In this case, it is also advisable to adjust it to the load of the boot.

  1. Climate control

In theory, air conditioning is a watertight circuit. However, the reality shows that every year, 10% of the refrigerant evaporates. Some components of the circuit are changed after a few years (depending on the use). Keep this in mind before planning to change the air conditioning gas.

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  1. Do not skimp on spare parts

Dirty filters or porous belts can increase consumption or damage the engine. The worst thing is the neglect of the brakes or the chassis that, in addition, will make it impossible for you to pass the ITV.

Car's Upholstery

10 Tips to Take Care of your Car’s Upholstery

From day to day, the use of car upholstery is deteriorating, which is why you should pay close attention and take care of it. So that you know how to do it, we share with you 10 tips that you can put into practice.

  1. It is important to maintain the cushion of your vehicle at least every six months, checking them and cleaning them superficially.
  2. If any liquid is spilt on the seats, try to clean it immediately with a damp cloth that removes the dirt.
  3. Keep in mind that if you leave the stains on the fabric of the seats for a long time, trying to remove them later will cost more work that is why you should try to remove them as soon as possible.
  4. When cleaning the cushion of your vehicle, always use a brush with soft bristles, as well as a special shampoo or cleanser for cleaning automotive fabrics.

Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  1. If there is a stain that is very difficult to remove, try not to put too much force on the fabric, as it can sometimes break due to friction and force applied.
  2. If your vehicle has leather cushions, remember to hydrate it with a special cream, placing it in the afternoon and allowing it to be absorbed during the night (a period in which the car is not used). Perform this procedure at least every 6 months.
  3. If the leather is losing its colour, it is important that you take it to a specialist in the treatment of these materials to be re-dyed.

Car Washing Services

  1. If the cushion of your car has suffered burns or scratches, ask your dealer if they sell the fabric of your car to maintain the original design of the fabric with which it left the factory.
  2. Do not wet the seats too much as they take time to dry. If you use your car with wet seats, it is likely that in a short period of time emit a smell of moisture.
  3. If you consider it prudent, take your car to a workshop specialized in the application of Teflon for the care and maintenance of the cushion, so the dirt will not stick so easy in a short period of time.





Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

15 Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Top 15 Cleaning Hacks for your Car

You can clean your car regularly but, over time, dirt accumulates in the most unsuspected places and our vehicle loses that characteristic “new smell”. If so, it’s time to perform a deep cleaning and restores its former splendor with these 15 practical tips and cleaning tricks.

Take care of the details

Thanks to a cotton swab dipped in cleaner, we can remove the dirt from the nooks, logos, and serigraphs. In the details is the difference.

Fresh air

Even if we are not allergic, we must change the air and dust filter every year to ensure a fresh environment. In the same way, it is advisable to clean the grilles of the air conditioning because inside it accumulates dust, mites, insects, and dirt. Use a brush to thoroughly clean the grate and run the vacuum cleaner afterward.

Clean the dashboard of your car with soap

Most of the times we simply remove the dust or polish the dashboard, but this item needs soap cleaning from time to time. In this way, we will eliminate the remains of grease and dirt recovering their original appearance.

Compressed air is a great ally

If your car’s grilles are particularly narrow, a bottle of compressed air will help you get the dirt out of the air outlet.

Toxic-free polish

If in the family you are asthmatic and prefer to use natural and toxic-free products you can polish the dashboard by rubbing a few drops of olive oil with chamois leather.

Headlights like new with toothpaste

We try it and it works. It is true that you should rub with care, but the toothpaste polishes the glass returning its original appearance.

Perfect cleaning

Add isopropyl alcohol to the windshield wiper, this way you will quickly defrost the ice on the car’s moon and get a perfect cleaning without scratches or marks.

Tips To Keep Your Car’s Windows Clean During Rainy Season

Do not forget the mats

Most are black and that does not allow us to see clearly the dirt that accumulates in the carpets of our car; otherwise, we would not limit ourselves to shaking them and aspiring them.

With any other fabric, the mats need a wash every so often. To do this, spray them with detergent and water, rub with a brush and rinse with plenty of water under pressure. Some can also get into the washing machine.

New leather

Use a solution of baking soda and water to clean the leather upholstery in depth. Use a rag and an old toothbrush in the joints.

Also, clean under the hood

Open your car and watch the engine, is it dirty? If so, this area also needs a cleaning.

The cola soda allows us to descale dirt, rust and corrosion marks on the sheet and the battery effortlessly. Try it, it’s amazing!

The wheels

If you want your car to look new you cannot forget to clean the wheels, something that includes both tires and tires.

Impregnates the wheel, the rims and the recesses with degreaser and lets it act for 3 to 5 minutes, then we clean with water under pressure and surprising with the result.

How to Clean the Upholstery of your Car?


Spray some spray water on your car’s upholstery and clean with a clean glass brush. Thanks to this, large balls of hair are formed that can be easily removed. Then vacuum the upholstery to remove dust.

Do not clean only what you see

Do not limit yourself to cleaning only the surfaces that are in view. Help yourself to a rod and a rag to reach the deep places, the joints between the inner body and the holes of the respirator. These details make the difference.

The roof is part of the vehicle

We often forget that the roof is part of the vehicle and that, like other areas, accumulates dust and dirt, especially if the owner is a smoker.

Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the roof if it is plastic. If it’s weaving, opt for the pet hair trick, vacuum and deodorize with an antibacterial spray.

Goodbye insects

After a road trip, it is inevitable to end up with a good number of insects stuck in our bumper. It is best to wash quickly to prevent them from embedding themselves with force. If it’s too late, do not forget to bring some wet wipes when you go to wash the car, this way you can remove stubborn stains easily.

car Upholstery cleaning

How to Clean the Upholstery of your Car?

Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Your Car’s Upholstery

Cleaning the car’s upholstery does not have to become a nightmare if you know what you’re up against. There are thousands of products on the market that ensure that your car seats are impeccable, although it is advisable to know how to use each one and which of them is the best for each type of stain. In addition, there is always some homemade practice that will allow you to save a few euros. Needless to say, if we are talking about ‘premium’ cars with leather upholstery, it is best not to gamble and scratch your pocket.


They are the most economical solutions but they can carry a risk if they are not done with care. Keep in mind that the liquids used should be left on top of the stain to act and we should not rub, but dry gently with a dry cloth. In addition, it will be important to always have wipes or liquid soap on hand to prevent stains from drying out, as in this case, they will be more difficult to remove.

Chewing gum: when traveling with children it is very likely that we will end up with some candy stuck to the upholstery. The worst thing is the chewing gum that we will have to harden them with an ice and, with care, remove them with a spatula.

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Vomiting: we will use soap and water as soon as possible to remove the stain and, in this case, if it will be necessary to rub. Sometimes, we will have no choice but to take the car to a site specialized in cleaning interiors, as we can damage the upholstery when rubbing and the unpleasant smell is not always totally eliminated.

Ink: mix alcohol and water in equal parts in a container and apply on the stain.

Coffee: with cold water and glass cleaner you can end up with this very common dirt in the cars we use to go to work.

Fat: a mixture of water with a little degreaser can be the solution for these spots.

Chocolate: with liquid soap and a wet cloth we should be able to eliminate this type of stains.

Makeup: we will use the detergent we bought for the washing machine or even liquid make-up remover, the latter carefully and applying a little at the beginning in case the reaction it produces could be corrosive.


There are many cleaners on the market, including some specific for each type of stain. You can find them at gas stations, in stores specializing in vehicle repair and in large areas that have a section dedicated to the automotive world.

The dry foam is the most widespread product and is as close to ‘spot removers’ used for clothing. Dirt like the one that leaves the blood can be removed without too much trouble by applying this product, leaving it to dry and then removing it with a dry cloth.

For leather upholstery it is advisable to apply a special nourishing cream for this material from time to time and, above all, to use specialized products to eliminate stains on its surface. They are products that are usually expensive and that we may only use once or twice, but they ensure that the upholstery will not be damaged.

Tips to Clean the Car

20 Homemade Tricks and Tips to Clean the Car

Inside and Outside Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If we search among the cleaning products we have at home, whether for bathing, cooking or personal hygiene, we may find one that allows us to improve the appearance, both inside and outside of our car. In addition, with a little skill and cunning it is possible to make small miracles with products as simple as a gel or some food. But it is also possible to solve emergencies that arise with small tricks and, above all, without having to spend money on specific products to clean the car, which, moreover, are not always easy to find.

We propose 20 homemade tricks that you can use to eliminate stains, odors or solve minor problems that may arise unexpectedly in your car.


If you want to get rid of a dent in the body without having to go through the workshop and spend a lot of money, use a drain tube. Moisten the edge of the suction cup and place it over the dent. Then pull like when you’re going to unclog a pipe.


To restore the original shine to the tire, pass water with a hose and let it dry. Then, pour a can of cola and brush with a brush along the rubber. You’ll see how bright they are. You can also use a furniture polish, which leaves less waste.


With an ice pack, you can harden the rubber and then scrape. It will only take you three minutes. It can also be worth a hair dryer.


Moisten the spots with linseed oil and let it act for a few minutes. Then rub with a damp flannel cloth. You will see that the result is positive.


We talk about those inevitable spots left by the little ones in the backrest of the front seats. One option is to remove the children’s shoes. You can also place a transparent plastic on the bottom of both seats. Although it will have to be renewed every so often because the kicks of children are inevitable and the plastic ends up tearing.


If you want the windows of your car to always shine, cook some potatoes and when they are ready, strain the water and mix it with a little vinegar. Next, clean the glass with this preparation. You will see that they begin to shine.


With this trick, you will get your car to be like new, at least from the outside. Mix a little alcohol and a little liquid petroleum jelly in a bowl. Apply the mixture to the body. Then wash the car, dry it and then wipe it with a cloth.


The terminals of the batteries are usually filled with grease and dust. To remove this dirt, use a cloth moistened with Coca-Cola. The result will surprise you.


For both resin and tar stains, use a cloth moistened with alcohol. After a few minutes rubbing, your efforts will be rewarded and will disappear.


If you think your tire has punctured and you do not have a spare tire or anti-puncture kit, you can solve the problem temporarily if you have a nail in your hand. Lift the car with the jack and examine the flat tire to locate the source of the leak. If the hole is due to a blow on the rubber, there is no other solution than to call the crane. If the hole is small and much localized, you can always try to drive a nail or a large enough screw into the hole in order to prevent the air from continuing to come out. Stop at the first gas station to inflate the tire a little more and do not forget that it is a temporary “fix”. You will have to go to the workshop.


Although it may seem a joke or sound like a myth, the truth is that it is a very common practice in several countries. Place a small aspirin in the navel and stick it with two cross strips of heat. Another solution is to give them some gingerbread cookies before the trip because ginger has properties that prevent nausea.


The eucalyptus fruits are perfect natural air fresheners. Place a dozen of these fruits in the areas of the car that receive the air from the ventilation channels. You will see how your trip has a more natural fragrance. The “pine” air fresheners that can be bought at the supermarket can also be an option.


If there are watermarks left on your car’s glass, rinse the glass with water and clean it with a newspaper. Next, cut an onion in half and pass it on the glass. Afterwards, you just have to clean the glass with a damp cloth.


It can happen that windows cannot open and close properly because the “elevator” is broken. If the window is open, lift it with your hands. Then insert the tip of a screwdriver between the glass and the inner lining of the door, making a wedge. In this way, you prevent it from falling. Go checking every so often if the screwdriver still holds the glass. With the vibrations that occur during the march, it is possible for glass to slide down. As soon as possible, go to a workshop to solve the problem.


Take a jar of shaving foam, put a little in a sponge or directly on the stain and rub with a brush. Then dry it the result is very positive.

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If for any reason you have run out of a rear-view mirror, there is a homemade trick, albeit temporary, to continue having visibility. Buy a small mirror, one of those that come in the makeup boxes and stick it on what is left of the back of the structure. Use adhesive tape and fix it. The view may not be very orthodox, but it is more than enough to circulate. Another option, just as cheap (from 9.95 euros) is to buy a spare rear-view mirror or adhesive sheet for the rear-view mirror. The quality is worse, but it makes you the solution.


As if it were a race in an average, use a pot of nail polish. Apply several layers at the ends of the break. Of course, be careful not to put the paint in the driver’s field of vision, especially if it is dark in color.


Although most cars come equipped with a magic button that allows you to demist the windows through the ventilation grilles in record time, there are very curious homemade solutions. For example, pass a simple and common soap bar on the glazed surface. Afterwards, the layer created with a dry cloth would simply have to be cleaned. For a few months it will not tarnish.


This work is not something we do every day. However, when the time comes to do it, the task can become a horror, especially if they rust. To remove them with less effort, pour a little Coke over the nuts and wait a few minutes. You’ll see how they ease easily.

Car Paint Protection Film


To remove from the car those old stickers put by the previous owner, both in the body and in the glass, use a heat source. The best thing is a hair dryer, which when used with care will help you to take off the old adhesive. To remove possible adhesive residue, use a cloth soaked in vinegar. If the sticker was on the glass, use a spatula to scrape the glue residue.

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