How to Clean the Car Engine

How to Clean the Car Engine in Eight Steps

The tips made by experts, who explains how we should perform the cleaning of our car’s engine, where to have more caution and the benefits of having every mechanical component clean.

The cleaning of the engine is divided into several steps. If you follow them with caution, you will get a propeller with a new appearance, thus avoiding corrosion or any other problem that may arise due to dirt. There is also a special emphasis on the type of car, differentiating between the types of engines since the coatings and the parts in the air vary from one to another. These tips are linked to those of cleaning the upholstery, and the keys to wash the car correctly, with which you will have the car as new.

Step 1: Do not scratch the car during cleaning

The first recommendation is to cover with a towel or rag the areas of the car that we will support during cleaning, to avoid scratching the car with the belt or anything else.

Step 2: Check the motor temperature

It must be checked if the engine is cold, warm or hot. In most cases the logical thing is to clean the engine at a temperature between cold and warm, but in others it is advisable to clean it with the hottest engine. This case would be if the engine takes a lot without cleaning or accumulates much dirt. The higher the temperature, the easier it will be for the dirt to dissipate.

Once the temperature has been checked, a pressurized air machine can be used to remove the dirt that remains in the body covered by the hood. Normally these areas fill with leaves of the trees and take a lot of dust, so that the pressure air in those nooks and crannies is the best solution.

Step 3: Waterproof the delicate areas of the engine

This step is one of the most important to avoid that a simple cleaning becomes a breakdown. We must cover with plastic and help us with insulating tape to waterproof well the areas of the engine that can be affected badly by water.

All electrical components, battery, distributor, carburetors, filters … must be covered with plastic so that the water never reaches them. If this happens it can lead to a fault for the motor. We must also take care to remove greases from the areas where they are needed.

Step 4: Wet the engine without water under pressure

In this step we must wet the engine in a smooth way and spread over all areas.

Step 5: Apply a multi-purpose cleaner

Once the entire engine is wet, we can apply a multi-purpose cleaner, and with the help of a brush start distributing and cleaning the entire engine. It is important to distribute the entire cleaner before it evaporates or dries on any part, working all the time with the wet motor. For less accessible areas it is recommended that we use smaller brushes and thus reach any side.

Once we have done everything, we will have to wet everything again to finish cleaning the engine.

Step 6: Drying the motor

Now it would be time to dry the engine, which can be done with air or with simple towels, making sure that everything is dry.

Step 7: Remove the plastics that we put

It is time to remove all the plastic with which we waterproof the areas critical to the water, taking special care to remove them in not spilling the water that remains on them. It would be a pity that after cleaning and good insulation of these areas, water was dropped on some unwanted part when removing them.

It would be convenient to pass a towel to make sure everything is dry, and so the water does not reach any of these areas once the plastics have been removed.

Step 8: Polish plastics and wait to start the engine

Once dry everything can be used to pass some polish to the areas with plastics, so that everything is shinier after cleaning.

In many cases it is advisable to wait a couple of hours after cleaning to restart the engine. After that time, it is advisable to start the car and leave it on for two or three minutes, watching and hearing the engine to know if there is any noise or something that is not correct after cleaning.

At this point you will have the engine shining as the first day, safe from corrosion, avoiding breakdowns, and therefore a safer and more reliable car.

We know that many of you are crazy about your cars and want to take care of them every day more, in order to have a nice car at the same time as the day in all aspects of mechanics and safety.

Best Selling Cars

The 10 Best Selling Cars in Spain in 2018 and their Prices

The market is in good health and, although the WLTP will arrive in September and will be a big challenge for dealers and manufacturers, according to experts, it will continue to grow.

In the Spanish market, the SUVs have a great part of the responsibility of the success, although the king is still the Lion, the compact one of Seat and the utilitarian also tread very strong. These are the 10 most sold cars in 2018 and their prices.


The León is the favorite car of the Spaniards, betting on it 21,204 times this 2018. Its arguments are an attractive design, several levels of equipment to adapt to any customer, sports versions such as the FR and the Cupra, an efficient mechanical offer and with low consumption and a reasonable price range that starts from the 18,270 euros of version 1.2 TSI of 110 HP with Reference finish, up to 35,970 of Leon Cupra of 300 HP with DSG change. For the most demanding there is the version Cupra R, limited series, 310 hp and DSG exchange for 46,375 euros.


The Ibiza copies the formula of the success of its bigger brother on a smaller scale and with a more contained price. It is a very practical car for its size and very interesting for its quality and its equipment, in addition to its levels of finish and versions. 19,519 people bought a car that starts at 13,560 euros of its most basic version, up to 21,250 of the model with a 1.6 TDI engine of 95 HP with DSG change and Excellence finish. For lovers of sportsmanship, the Ibiza FR with 150 hp TSI 1.5 engine will let you discover how ferocious an Ibiza can be for 19,620 Euros.


The first brother of the Seat Ibiza, with which he shares a platform, the German compact was the target of 17,183 buyers, who bet on the effectiveness and quality that all Volkswagens promise. With a bet similar to that of the Ibiza, its price range rises from 12,800 Euros of the Polo Edition 1.0 of 65 hp, to 24,305 of the radical Polo GTI with 2.0 TSI engine and 200 hp, a power that can move its little more of 1,300 kilos in an incredible way. For 17,680 Euros a hybrid version of gas and gasoline of 90 HP of power is offered.


There are always representatives of Dacia among the best sellers. 16,728 people went in search of a Sandero during the first semester of this year. Its main coat is a considerable level of equipment for 9,745 Euros. Its most expensive version starts at 12,830 Euros.

Tips to Start your Car in Cold


The most famous Volkswagen vehicle was purchased by 16,551 people. Its great reputation, quality, and finishes make it an object of desire of many people. 18,635 Euros costs its most affordable version, 110 hp with 1.0 TSI engine, and 34,325 Euros variant GTI with a 2.0 TSI 230 hp.


Citroën offers comfort and safety in its entire offer, and with each model, they improve these sections. That’s what 16,385 people sought when they bought the French compact, whose two versions, 99 hp diesel and 110 hp gasoline, start at 15,590 Euros.


The first SUV on the list, and unique, is the Qashqai, the Nissan SUV. The 15,949 buyers found themselves with an all-around reference in the market. The Qashqai is available from 22,000 Euros in its version of 116 hp power, a price that can rise to 32,000 Euros with its variant of 163 hp.

FIAT 500

It was the big surprise of the market in Spain and it was even the best sold in the country in March. The most classic Fiat fell in love with  15,925  people, who took an urban of 12,510 euros in its most basic version. The top of the range, with a 95 HP Multijet engine, costs 18,310 euros.


The Clio has always been very popular in the market, where it directly rivals the Polo and the Ibiza. His proposal, which convinced 15,708 interested, is to offer a 1.2 engine 73 hp for 12,095 Euros. Although the most demanding will find a very playful variant in the Clio Renault Sport Trophy Energy for 24,920 Euros, which will offer 220 hp.

Looking to buy a Used Car?


With a proposal very similar to the Golf and the Lion, its great rivals, 15,155 people opted for the French compact, which starts, in its version of 101 HP, of 17,152 Euros. For 31,900 Euros, action lovers will find in the Megane RS, a great option, thanks to the 280 hp delivered and its aggressive image.

Car Cleaning Tips

The 6 Best Tricks to Keep the Car Always Clean

Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Car

In the world there are two kinds of people: those who wash the car every week and those who wash it once every two or three months – and give thanks. However, identify yourself with the first or second group, Detail King brings you some tricks to keep your car clean as long as you cannot (or want to) take it to the car wash. So do not hesitate to follow these simple tips.

  1. Clean up useless objects

Surely, if you enter your vehicle willing to take out things you do not need, you will end up filling a good bag. And is that we usually accumulate debris in the glove compartment or in any other nook of the car. By removing all these things that you do not need, the feeling of cleanliness will increase considerably.

  1. Shake the carpets

The carpets that cover the floor of our car look like a dirt magnet. Sand, mud and even moisture pass from our shoes to carpets, so pulling them out and shaking them against the outside floor is always a good idea.

  1. Vacuum

Pass a vacuum inside the car, both carpets and seats; often help avoid the feeling of dirt and odors that may accumulate in the interior of the vehicle.

  1. Buy an air freshener

Placing an air freshener in the car is always a good idea, because entering it and smelling it well will help create a clean and relaxed atmosphere, creating a feeling of absolute freshness.

  1. Use a cloth

Sometimes, when it costs to demist the glasses of the car, we help with the hand to do it faster. Error. In case of rain or temperature drops, the best option is to help with a rag to improve the vision without dirtying the moon. And, of course, nothing to do drawings in the crystals, although sometimes it is difficult to leave aside our most childish part.

  1. Do not eat inside the car

It is essential that you avoid consuming food that can fall or drinks that can spill its liquid inside the vehicle, causing stains difficult to eliminate. In addition, the smell will also be impregnated in the car. Tobacco smoke will also act in the same way.

Car Washing Services


As a consequence of the use of a vehicle, it is normal for it to get dirty, both inside and outside.

Mud, dust and also pollution accumulate, either in the body or inside the vehicle. Especially during the winter months, when the rain falls unexpectedly and abundantly, it is very easy to always be with the dirty car.

The lack of attention to the car, in the long run, can damage the materials that compose it, both inside and outside, with the risk of permanently ruining the aesthetics of the vehicle and, especially in the case of interiors, create problems for the driver and passengers, generating allergies, such as dust, or other problems of different nature.


The Car washing and cleaning service of the interior and upholstery of Detail King is a comprehensive service that allows you to eliminate any type of stain or dirt inside a vehicle, whether for commercial or private use.

The service includes everything from the removal of stains to the removal of sand or pebbles, from the cleaning of interior glass panels to the polishing and cleaning of the seats and the plastics that make up the interior.


The exterior of the vehicle is the place where it is possible to accumulate the most obvious part of the dirt since it is the most exposed to the weather and various types of external agents.

There are innumerable external factors that can stain or cause damage to the aesthetics of a vehicle, such as rain, domestic and non-domestic animals (for example dogs or cats, but also pigeons), pebbles and many others.

Therefore, it is important to always wash with suitable soaps and apply the most appropriate and effective protection products.


The body is, generally, the first victim of dirt, which can be originated in the most diverse ways and therefore, it will be of the most diverse nature.

The dirt can be caused, for example, by a car that overtakes and, when passing through a well with mud, it splashes on the body and tires; when going through an area under construction, the dust raised by the movement of the car can “rain” on it; but also another type of dirt or pebbles, a summer storm or a snowfall can create even more dirt and stains in the car. From a tree can fall resin or leaves, the wind can transport dirt or dust that can get into the corners or on the roofs, stray animals (but also domestic) can urinate on the tires or on the door, typical birds of the city as example pigeons, or seagulls for those who live in the area of the sea, can relieve themselves on the roof or on the bonnet of the vehicle.

In the car washes of the workshops, the cleaning of the external body of the car is offered, and the most appropriate products are applied to protect and reduce future stains, such as the application of special protective waxes on the bodywork or products for protection of fenders and alloy wheels.


Tires, either plastic or alloy, are one of the most visible elements of a vehicle.

A dirty tire gives the idea of a car that is not taken care of and a careless owner, while a beautiful clean and bright tire, result obtainable especially for those vehicles equipped with alloy wheels, suggests an owner who takes care of his own vehicle and takes care of the details.

Tire cleaning is not a particularly difficult practice, but a poorly trained eye can easily see the difference between a rim cleaned by a professional and a rim cleaned by an amateur, especially when they are made of alloy, a very pleasing material to look at, but also delicate and easy to get dirty, in particular, because of its location so close to the street.

Wax for car and protection of the paint

The washing of a vehicle does not end with the total cleaning of it; it is always convenient to accompany and complement it with the choice of appropriate products to protect and preserve the work done, the paint and the materials that make up the interior and exterior of the car. Leather seats, plastic dashboards or more refined and delicate materials, such as the steering wheel or gear lever, but in general all parts of the vehicle, must be protected with specific products to preserve them from the use of atmospheric elements (as for example the sun, which eventually “cooks” the plastics or deteriorates the leathers) and of the small problems of every day (like for example, possible remains of food, animal hairs, dirty shoes with mud, etc. ).

We offer its customers, through the work done by its operators, a complete and durable cleaning also thanks to the use of specific products for the protection of materials.

On the other hand, it is possible to request specific interventions for the removal of rays or for the renewal of headlights and crystals that would normally require the use of specific products or suitable kits.

Detail King is prepared to offer a complete washing service for city cars, luxury cars, saloons, SUVs, motorhomes, vans and commercial vehicles of any kind and affected by any type of stain or dirt.

In addition, thanks to the cooperation with other sectors of the workshop, our staff is prepared to offer a complete service that, starting from the removal of dirt in the body of the vehicle, through the cleaning of the interiors, also guarantees the care ideal of them, with products of proven quality and efficiency.

The car wash service can be carried out at different levels, depending on the customer’s needs, the type of dirt and the type of vehicle.

For example, a sports vehicle may need a good wash the day after a session on the track; so that specific protective product will be necessary, while a sedan, which has spent the weekend walking with children and the dog, may need a good wash inside.

If it is impossible for you, for work or for personal reasons, to run out of a car for the time necessary for the intervention, either for your washing or for a mechanical repair, you can request an appointment and arrange to ask for a substitute car so you do not stay on foot.

Car Washing

Wash Your Car Without Any Damaging To Paint

Applying this technique will allow you to prolong the finish of your car paint and is ideal for cars that are freshly polished and ceramic coated.

This technique is known as “Double bucket method”.

Instruments and products needed:

2 filters for a 19Lt bucket.

Several microfiber towels

1 glove for washing and/or a soft washing sponge.

1 hose with pressure gun or pressure washer.

Quality shampoo (Brands like Meguiar’s, Mother’s, Chemical guys, etc. are recommended)

1 or 2 special large microfiber towels for drying.

1 cleaner for quality wheels. (Brands like Meguiar’s, Mother’s, Chemical guys, etc are recommended)

1 cleaner for quality tires. (Brands like Meguiar’s, Mother’s, Chemical guys, etc are recommended)

Several types of soft brushes to wash the wheels.

Protector for plastics and rubber. (Brands like Meguiar’s, Mother’s, Chemical guys, etc are recommended)

Before starting the car should be in the shade and cold, avoid washing if it is outdoors and it is windy to avoid staining the car with water droplets. Having all the utensils ready and ready

Washing (Buckets, filters, microfibers, shampoo, etc.)

Steps to follow:

1.- Fill a bucket with clean water.

2.- Wash tires with the tire cleaner using the tire brush.

3.- Wash the wheels with the cleaner for wheels and special soft brushes for this (following the steps that appear on the product label)

4.- Dry wheels using a microfiber towel specifically designed for this.

5.- Place a filter in a bucket and fill it with clean water.

6.- Add the other filter to another bucket with the exact amount of shampoo. (According to the instructions of the product to be used)

7.- Fill the shampoo bucket with water using the pressure washer and / or hose (to generate foam).

8.- Spray the complete car under pressure with the pressure washer and / or hose to eliminate loose dust.

9.- Begin to wash the car starting with the awning, trunk box and sides using the microfiber glove or soft sponge wetting it in the shampoo giving horizontal passes WITHOUT PRESSING, every time the glove gets dirty, you have to rinse it in the bucket with clean water and carve it against the filter to release all the dirt and this is trapped under the filter.

10.- Re-immerse the microfiber glove or sponge in the shampoo and continue car washing giving horizontal passes (never wash in circular movements).

11.-Carry out steps 9 and 10 repeatedly and as quickly as possible to complete the car, do not let the water dry on the car to avoid spots of drops of water or shampoo.

12.- Rinse the shampoo with the pressure washer and / or hose.

13.- Dry the car using a specific microfiber towel for equal drying giving horizontal passes and without exerting pressure (without carving).

14.- Clean recesses and door hinges with the microfiber of the wheels or with a special microfiber for this task.

15.- Clean interiors with the specific microfiber for interiors shaking the corners well using a 1 “brush.

16.- Aspirate.

17.- Clean glasses with a microfiber specially designed for glasses, using the cleaning product for glasses.

18.- Protect plastics if necessary using the specific products with an applicator.

How to Clean the Car Upholstery

How to Clean the Car Upholstery

Best Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Crumbs of meals, soda spots that have spilled, remnants of sand … If after the holiday return the upholstery of your car needs a deep cleaning, do not miss these tips. We give you some tricks so that cleaning the upholstery of your car is much easier:

General cleaning

If you know how to clean the upholstery of your car quickly and efficiently, you can keep your vehicle looking like new. The cleaning of the upholstery is different if we talk about fabric or leather upholstery. On this occasion we will refer to the fabric upholstery. Remember also that the upholstery of cars can be easily damaged so try to always use cleaners recommended for this purpose. Cleaners with aggressive chemicals can damage and spoil it. As a general rule, when you are going to use a new cleaner, try it in a non-visible area to check that it does not damage the fabric.

To perform deep car cleaning chooses a sunny day, since the seats can take a full day to dry completely. As for the location, an open place will help the odors of the cleaning products to be eliminated quickly.

First, it clears the surface of the entire interior. You must remove all the elements that may hinder the cleaning of the surface. After a long journey, it is normal to find all kinds of “forgotten” items in the seats of the car.

With the clean upholstery we will vacuum, to remove any small dirt and vacuum all the dust. Vacuum carefully in all corners and from back to front to drag dirt. Make special emphasis on the union between the backrest and the seat, which is where more dirt accumulates.

Remove stains from the upholstery

To correctly remove the stains of the upholstery will depend on the type that we face, since each one will need a different treatment:

  • The gum sticks must be hardened with ice and removed, with great care, with the help of a spatula.
  • The vomiting is very important to wash it as soon as possible with soap and water.
  • For grease stains, try a little degreaser mixed with water.
  • The mud stains dry, rub them with a brush without wetting and when it is removed all the earth passes back the damp brush.

Dry foam

There are many cleaners on the market, including some specific ones depending on the type of stain, but the cleaner par excellence for car upholstery is dry foam.

Apply it all over the surface to avoid fences remaining, let it dry, the time will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations, and remove it with a dry cloth. You can remove the smallest waste with a small vacuum cleaner. Last, a cloth traps dust for a perfect result.

To keep the upholstery in good condition, it is best to clean any stain at the time it occurs to avoid deepening the fabric. For this reason, it is advisable to bring a soft-tooth upholstery brush and some wet wipes in the trunk.

Ways to Get Rid of New Car Smell

How to Eliminate the Smell of New Car

Even though there are many people that the smell of a new car is quite pleasant, especially since it reminds them at all times that it is a new car, there are other people who find it almost sickly, even up to cause dizziness. Inside the interior cleaning of cars there are many tricks to eliminate this kind of smell although it must be said that many are home remedies and although they work, they do it in a parenthesis of quite large time, so that smell will not go away for quite some time.

What causes this smell is the materials that are used in the manufacture and assembly of the dashboard and also in the coatings of the interior walls of the doors, which means that being so close to where we sit, the smell seems so intense in every moment.

For example, placing a cup of coffee on the dashboard during the night, making sure it is on a surface where you cannot fall, the smell will be a bit reduced, and it will be more as we leave a new cup of coffee another night more, although this, in the end, ends up being certainly cumbersome.

You can try an air freshener, but with it, we will only be masking the smell and you may end up smelling much worse when you mix the two scents and it would be worse the remedy than the disease.

If you have your own garage to which we only have access, we can always leave the windows open, although dust or other smells from the outside could also enter, but we would notice how the smell changes, although the aroma again can last even months, so the best option is to leave the car in the hands of professionals for a few hours and we will forget that smell forever, leaving us with a completely neutral smell.

Importance of Clean Car

Importance of Clean Car

Not only to make a good impression but to feel better and more comfortable in our vehicle, cleaning the car is very important, but not only in terms of aesthetics but have a clean car, even in the engine area, will make our vehicle is always in the best-operating conditions and faults resulting from dirt do not appear or take much longer to do so.

The key to this is to get used to doing it, at least once a week and once a month for a thorough cleaning, in this way, having the car always with the best appearance will be much easier. Who has not used the morning of a Saturday or Sunday to clean the car? In addition, it could also become a family activity where the little ones could collaborate.

Tricks to Extend the Life of your Car

Also, if you are one of those people who does not like to clean the car or even if you do not have time to do it, there are always specialized companies that will leave our car with maximum cleanliness, both in the engine and in the interior, making special emphasis on areas such as upholstery, which can be left perfect with a good car wash by hand; It is also important to have a clean dashboard or other areas such as tires and tires.

Something that we must always have clean is the crystals because traveling with a dirty windshield can cause problems when driving. It is not enough just to pass them soap and water, you always have to have them very dry and to be able to treat the glass with a special liquid that allows repelling water droplets, dirt, insects, organic remains, etc. for more time and always have the maximum vision of the possible road.

Car Mats Cleaning Tips

How Car Mats are Cleaned

Car Mats Cleaning Tips and Tricks

When we talk about the interior cleaning of cars, we can think of the upholstery, the glass, the control panel or the mats, which is what we are going to talk about next. It is one of the parts of the interior of the car that gets dirty most and that must be cleaned periodically.

Steps to clean the car matsSteps to clean the car mats

The first thing to do is remove the car mats and shake them in a place where you can pick up dirt, gravel or any other debris that may be in this part of the car. Then you have to wash them well and rub them with a brush to remove any residue that may have remained attached.

While drying, it is important to also wash the area of the car that covers the mats. In this case, the first thing to do is pass a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt that there is, that there will surely be. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can go to a car wash to do it in exchange for some coins.

If the car is old, you may have some plastic mats or soft rubber, are one of the easiest to clean because it is enough with water, soap and a brush to keep them clean

The procedure is very simple and although it can be done by hand, you may not have the time or the material to clean them properly. On the other hand, the result obtained in a car wash for a couple of coins may not be optimal.

Therefore, the most advisable is to take the car to a car wash company and be unconcerned, because they will leave the mats as if they had left the factory since they will have all the specific materials and products to achieve it.

Wonderful Tips

After your car has been cleaned, use an air freshener and scented spray to leave your car smelling sweet and clean.

Benefits of Tire Washing

Car Wheel and Tires Detailing Guide

Within the section of the cleaning of the automobile, it is necessary to emphasize the tires, one of the points in which not all the users’ repair and that is very important. That is why we are going to talk to you about some of the benefits of properly washing the tires.

Why should we wash the tires?

As often happens with the front of the car, both the defense, as the optics or the calendar, the tires are one of the areas that can get more dirt due to continuous contact with the firm.

For this reason, we must pay special attention to this area because although it may seem otherwise, dirt can become a problem and not only aesthetic.

Tips to Protect Car Paint

The accumulation of dirt that may be in the area of tires and tires can make it all come to the brake, material that is manufactured brake pads. This can cause it to wear faster or even have some kind of problem to brake, especially if it is an unexpected braking.

Another very important point and for which we must pay special attention not only to the washing of the tire itself but also to the tire, is the aesthetic section. What is the value of washing the car thoroughly if you have not taken special care with the tire-rim assembly?

For that reason, when it comes to washing the car in depth, the best advice is to start directly with the area of the tires and tires. If we leave it for the end, we may splash the rest of the car clean and would do the job again, although it is best to trust the professionals and they are the ones who are responsible for leaving the car with the best possible appearance.

A little history about tires

Many of the vehicles of today have aluminum wheels as standard or even tend to suit the tastes of each person, but mainly for aesthetic reasons and if what is sought is to have a good appearance in relation to the car … Why go with dirty tires? Nobody likes to go with their dirty car and the tires are one of the parts that usually accumulate more dirt as the vehicle is used, so it is always advisable to wash cars by hand to ensure they always look the best.

Sports, urban, off-road, at present there are a large number of models of tires for each class of vehicle, also called wheels (rin) as they are called in some countries of America. Where are you from? They may seem very modern but have nothing to do with the first ones that were made, which consisted of metal rings, usually, iron or steel, with different widths and that fit externally on the wheels of the cars.

The cannons and other pieces of artillery of yesteryear had thick wooden wheels to support their own weight, but instead of going with the wood exposed, the wheels were half-covered by different parts of metal with the same curvature as the wheels, facilitating a greater resistance against the blows suffered by the wheels in the transport itself, giving them much more hardness.

Wheel Refurbishment Process

Civilian vehicles also used tires in the same way as military cars and guns. These covered the entire exterior of the wooden wheel with the same sheet of metal that was attached to the wood by nails or screws embedded in the rim itself. At first, they were quite thin but this, in addition to making travel uncomfortable, spoiled the floor they passed, especially if it was made of stone.

As time went by, the surface of the rim became wider and gradually evolved to what it is today, a motif of distinction with which to give the car a sporty touch, with which to fix the tires and at the same time give a better look to the vehicle in question, regardless of whether it is a series car, an SUV or a supercar, but the important thing is always to offer a good appearance with these parts of the car so exposed to dirt.

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