Car Wheel and Tires Detailing Guide

Benefits of Tire Washing

Car Wheel and Tires Detailing Guide

Within the section of the cleaning of the automobile, it is necessary to emphasize the tires, one of the points in which not all the users’ repair and that is very important. That is why we are going to talk to you about some of the benefits of properly washing the tires.

Why should we wash the tires?

As often happens with the front of the car, both the defense, as the optics or the calendar, the tires are one of the areas that can get more dirt due to continuous contact with the firm.

For this reason, we must pay special attention to this area because although it may seem otherwise, dirt can become a problem and not only aesthetic.

Tips to Protect Car Paint

The accumulation of dirt that may be in the area of tires and tires can make it all come to the brake, material that is manufactured brake pads. This can cause it to wear faster or even have some kind of problem to brake, especially if it is an unexpected braking.

Another very important point and for which we must pay special attention not only to the washing of the tire itself but also to the tire, is the aesthetic section. What is the value of washing the car thoroughly if you have not taken special care with the tire-rim assembly?

For that reason, when it comes to washing the car in depth, the best advice is to start directly with the area of the tires and tires. If we leave it for the end, we may splash the rest of the car clean and would do the job again, although it is best to trust the professionals and they are the ones who are responsible for leaving the car with the best possible appearance.

A little history about tires

Many of the vehicles of today have aluminum wheels as standard or even tend to suit the tastes of each person, but mainly for aesthetic reasons and if what is sought is to have a good appearance in relation to the car … Why go with dirty tires? Nobody likes to go with their dirty car and the tires are one of the parts that usually accumulate more dirt as the vehicle is used, so it is always advisable to wash cars by hand to ensure they always look the best.

Sports, urban, off-road, at present there are a large number of models of tires for each class of vehicle, also called wheels (rin) as they are called in some countries of America. Where are you from? They may seem very modern but have nothing to do with the first ones that were made, which consisted of metal rings, usually, iron or steel, with different widths and that fit externally on the wheels of the cars.

The cannons and other pieces of artillery of yesteryear had thick wooden wheels to support their own weight, but instead of going with the wood exposed, the wheels were half-covered by different parts of metal with the same curvature as the wheels, facilitating a greater resistance against the blows suffered by the wheels in the transport itself, giving them much more hardness.

Wheel Refurbishment Process

Civilian vehicles also used tires in the same way as military cars and guns. These covered the entire exterior of the wooden wheel with the same sheet of metal that was attached to the wood by nails or screws embedded in the rim itself. At first, they were quite thin but this, in addition to making travel uncomfortable, spoiled the floor they passed, especially if it was made of stone.

As time went by, the surface of the rim became wider and gradually evolved to what it is today, a motif of distinction with which to give the car a sporty touch, with which to fix the tires and at the same time give a better look to the vehicle in question, regardless of whether it is a series car, an SUV or a supercar, but the important thing is always to offer a good appearance with these parts of the car so exposed to dirt.

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