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Car Paint Care Tips

How to Take Care of Our Car Paint?

Car Paint Care Tips by Detail King – Car Detailing Services Providers Christchurch

It is important to clean it with the appropriate products, not to wash it when there is a lot of suns and to polish it at most once a year, among others.

The appearance of our car speaks of how we take care of it and reflects our personality in a certain way, so it is very important to have it always shining.

The paint of our car is delicate and maintaining its color is not an easy task, so you have to carry out a series of tips to keep it well cared for.

Here are some tips so that the paint on your car always looks like new:

– It is important to wash our car no more than twice a week with the right products, use shampoo for cars, soft sponges and brushes or 100% cotton rags. Remember to completely wet the car when you wash it to avoid scratching the paint.

– It is advisable to protect the paint with the application of Teflon or wax it every change of season. In this way, we avoid that the dirt sticks and it is much easier to wash it.

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– We must polish the paint of our car at most once a year, in order to eliminate scratches or small marks that are generated by some carelessness, rain or dirt.

– We try to keep our car under a covered place and where the air circulates, if we cannot place a cover that is made of fabric, never plastic.

– Avoid parking under a tree, as the bird droppings are very damaging to the paint. As well as avoid parking for a long time under the sun so that the paint does not burn.

– If you apply a polish or protector, avoid not doing it when there is a lot of heat, as the sun accelerates drying and some white spots may remain on the paint.

– Never wash your car with household detergents or other types of solvents, since these contain chemical agents that deteriorate the paint prematurely.

Car Engine Cleaning Tips

How to Clean your Car | Car Cleaning Tips

Car Engine Cleaning tips onlineCar Engine Cleaning Tips

For many, everything that is not visible from the outside does not deserve to be cleaned. Beyond the concern for aesthetics, our car has many components sensitive to dirt that can deteriorate severely over time and when we talk specifically about the power plant, the problem takes important dimensions.

If the motor is covered with dust, in the short term it will not affect the operation at all; But over time a solid layer of earth can be deposited in the radiator and generate a loss of cooling, which causes an increase in the temperature of the engine, shortening its useful life and can generate various problems.

In addition, if dirt accumulates in the air conditioning condenser, it can cause the loss of cold air entering the passenger compartment, making this system less efficient and increasing fuel consumption to achieve the desired temperature, as we are forcing others to the team.

On the other hand, if the dirt is due to oil leaks, it can accumulate and mix with dust, mud or dirt, causing damage to the parts of the engine that are made of rubber, rubber, and plastics.

But as in Detail King, we do not like to give you problems, we are going to give you the solution so that you have your engine shining and working as it should:

Write down the ingredients, to clean the engine properly you will need:

  1. Detergent
  2. A plastic bag
  3. Water
  4. Thick aluminum foil
  5. Brush

Let’s go step by step:

1) Start the engine and allow it to warm up a little, but without letting it reach normal operating temperature. You can leave it on for a minute or a little longer if it is very dirty.

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2) Place the car in an area where the soap and the material you clean from the vehicle will not cause damage or stains.

3) Remove the cable from the negative terminal of the battery (usually black), then the positive (usually red) and cover the exposed electrical components with the bag or some plastic wrap. This will prevent the battery, fuses and other electrical components of the car from getting wet.

4) cover the air intake and the carburetor (on older engines) with thick aluminum foil or plastic. Water can cause serious problems if it is allowed to enter these areas.

5) To wash: Brush any dirt or debris on the surface of the motor, either using a brush to paint stiff bristles or a brush with plastic bristles for cleaning.

6) Mix 2 cups of anti-grease detergent in 4 liters of water and pass this solution in the dirtiest parts of the engine. Then, the fun part, rinse with a pressure hose without wasting water.

7) Remove the protectors that were used to cover the sensitive components.

8) Start the engine and let it idle so that the moisture evaporates and does not affect any element.

In order to keep the engine clean, a prevention mechanic is always advisable. It is not recommended to clean the motor too often because it has delicate components, which can be damaged if exposed to water. Therefore, the cleaning that is done will depend on the use of the car.

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