Additional Services

It is a process where specialized tools are used to remove minor dents from the motor vehicle. The most common use for this is in the case of hail damage door, dings, minor body creases. On average it takes just 30 -90 minutes to repair dents but usually me make it quicker and convenient and also more economical that traditional smash repairs.
From $75 Onwards.

Headlight restoration or plastic headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris impact (stones, sand, etc.) rain, and exposure to caustic chemicals.
Headlight Restoration + Protection: $189/Pair

Window tinting leaves your car not only looking cool but also feeling cool and looking better. It provides the best in heat rejection and does not interfere with your connection with the outside world. Window tint films are computerized cut and guarantees with no bubbling, cracking, peeling or color change.
From $350 Onwards.

Wheel refurbishment process is the cosmetic or smart repair of a small area of damage to the wheel finish. The repair is color matched into the existing finish. Powder coating and wet spray combination is the refurbishment of the whole wheel โ€“ this process is used for total color changes or to return the wheel to its original finish when the damage is too severe or the damage covers many areas of the wheel for a cosmetic repair to be sufficient.
Alloy Repairs: $139/Wheel

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