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The 10 Best Selling Cars in Spain in 2018 and their Prices

The market is in good health and, although the WLTP will arrive in September and will be a big challenge for dealers and manufacturers, according to experts, it will continue to grow.

In the Spanish market, the SUVs have a great part of the responsibility of the success, although the king is still the Lion, the compact one of Seat and the utilitarian also tread very strong. These are the 10 most sold cars in 2018 and their prices.


The León is the favorite car of the Spaniards, betting on it 21,204 times this 2018. Its arguments are an attractive design, several levels of equipment to adapt to any customer, sports versions such as the FR and the Cupra, an efficient mechanical offer and with low consumption and a reasonable price range that starts from the 18,270 euros of version 1.2 TSI of 110 HP with Reference finish, up to 35,970 of Leon Cupra of 300 HP with DSG change. For the most demanding there is the version Cupra R, limited series, 310 hp and DSG exchange for 46,375 euros.


The Ibiza copies the formula of the success of its bigger brother on a smaller scale and with a more contained price. It is a very practical car for its size and very interesting for its quality and its equipment, in addition to its levels of finish and versions. 19,519 people bought a car that starts at 13,560 euros of its most basic version, up to 21,250 of the model with a 1.6 TDI engine of 95 HP with DSG change and Excellence finish. For lovers of sportsmanship, the Ibiza FR with 150 hp TSI 1.5 engine will let you discover how ferocious an Ibiza can be for 19,620 Euros.


The first brother of the Seat Ibiza, with which he shares a platform, the German compact was the target of 17,183 buyers, who bet on the effectiveness and quality that all Volkswagens promise. With a bet similar to that of the Ibiza, its price range rises from 12,800 Euros of the Polo Edition 1.0 of 65 hp, to 24,305 of the radical Polo GTI with 2.0 TSI engine and 200 hp, a power that can move its little more of 1,300 kilos in an incredible way. For 17,680 Euros a hybrid version of gas and gasoline of 90 HP of power is offered.


There are always representatives of Dacia among the best sellers. 16,728 people went in search of a Sandero during the first semester of this year. Its main coat is a considerable level of equipment for 9,745 Euros. Its most expensive version starts at 12,830 Euros.

Tips to Start your Car in Cold


The most famous Volkswagen vehicle was purchased by 16,551 people. Its great reputation, quality, and finishes make it an object of desire of many people. 18,635 Euros costs its most affordable version, 110 hp with 1.0 TSI engine, and 34,325 Euros variant GTI with a 2.0 TSI 230 hp.


Citroën offers comfort and safety in its entire offer, and with each model, they improve these sections. That’s what 16,385 people sought when they bought the French compact, whose two versions, 99 hp diesel and 110 hp gasoline, start at 15,590 Euros.


The first SUV on the list, and unique, is the Qashqai, the Nissan SUV. The 15,949 buyers found themselves with an all-around reference in the market. The Qashqai is available from 22,000 Euros in its version of 116 hp power, a price that can rise to 32,000 Euros with its variant of 163 hp.

FIAT 500

It was the big surprise of the market in Spain and it was even the best sold in the country in March. The most classic Fiat fell in love with  15,925  people, who took an urban of 12,510 euros in its most basic version. The top of the range, with a 95 HP Multijet engine, costs 18,310 euros.


The Clio has always been very popular in the market, where it directly rivals the Polo and the Ibiza. His proposal, which convinced 15,708 interested, is to offer a 1.2 engine 73 hp for 12,095 Euros. Although the most demanding will find a very playful variant in the Clio Renault Sport Trophy Energy for 24,920 Euros, which will offer 220 hp.

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With a proposal very similar to the Golf and the Lion, its great rivals, 15,155 people opted for the French compact, which starts, in its version of 101 HP, of 17,152 Euros. For 31,900 Euros, action lovers will find in the Megane RS, a great option, thanks to the 280 hp delivered and its aggressive image.

Car Cleaning Tips

The 6 Best Tricks to Keep the Car Always Clean

Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Car

In the world there are two kinds of people: those who wash the car every week and those who wash it once every two or three months – and give thanks. However, identify yourself with the first or second group, Detail King brings you some tricks to keep your car clean as long as you cannot (or want to) take it to the car wash. So do not hesitate to follow these simple tips.

  1. Clean up useless objects

Surely, if you enter your vehicle willing to take out things you do not need, you will end up filling a good bag. And is that we usually accumulate debris in the glove compartment or in any other nook of the car. By removing all these things that you do not need, the feeling of cleanliness will increase considerably.

  1. Shake the carpets

The carpets that cover the floor of our car look like a dirt magnet. Sand, mud and even moisture pass from our shoes to carpets, so pulling them out and shaking them against the outside floor is always a good idea.

  1. Vacuum

Pass a vacuum inside the car, both carpets and seats; often help avoid the feeling of dirt and odors that may accumulate in the interior of the vehicle.

  1. Buy an air freshener

Placing an air freshener in the car is always a good idea, because entering it and smelling it well will help create a clean and relaxed atmosphere, creating a feeling of absolute freshness.

  1. Use a cloth

Sometimes, when it costs to demist the glasses of the car, we help with the hand to do it faster. Error. In case of rain or temperature drops, the best option is to help with a rag to improve the vision without dirtying the moon. And, of course, nothing to do drawings in the crystals, although sometimes it is difficult to leave aside our most childish part.

  1. Do not eat inside the car

It is essential that you avoid consuming food that can fall or drinks that can spill its liquid inside the vehicle, causing stains difficult to eliminate. In addition, the smell will also be impregnated in the car. Tobacco smoke will also act in the same way.

use mobile at gas station

Use the Mobile at the Gas Station: Is it Dangerous?

You arrive at the gas station and while you are refueling you notice the prohibition signs. And you think, it’s obviously dangerous to smoke from contact with high-flammability substances. But, why is it prohibited to use the mobile phone with the vehicle stopped at the gas station? Can it also cause a fire?

And then you think if you remember any case in which a gas station has exploded by the use of the mobile phone. You search the internet, and you get supposedly real cases of portals of very dubious credibility. Therefore, you ask yourself: will not it be an urban myth that mobile waves are capable of creating an explosion?

What science says?

Here is the answer:  Yes, it’s an urban myth. Or rather, a yes with very specific characteristics.

As confirmed by the scientific community (and common sense) to produce a reaction that leads to ignition, it is necessary to give a spark that comes in contact with flammable substances. More specifically, with the steam emitted by gasoline mixed with air.

Therefore, the radiation emitted by the mobiles is not capable of causing this reaction. The odds of this happening, while not zero, are tiny. It would be dangerous, for example, if we had problems with the battery and that sparks flew from it. In that case, the mobile itself would be very dangerous. But if this is not the case, carry it in your pocket and call you while you are refueling will not make the gas station jump through the air.

To make you more relaxed, the Mythbusters program, known in our country as Mythbusters , conducted an experiment to check what happened if you used your phone at a gas station. Spoiler alert: Nothing .

Five Tricks to Save Fuel using Air Conditioning

The real danger: static electricity

It is curious that despite being repeatedly convinced of the danger of using a mobile phone, many do not know that the real danger we must know is the effect of static electricity. This is capable of causing an electric shock coming into contact with sufficient intensity can cause a reaction with the air and flammable substances contained in it.

While the chances of this happening, and in general that a gas station is set on fire, are very low, they are already greater than that caused by the radiation emitted by a mobile phone.

Therefore, it is recommended that when leaving to refuel, before touching the mouth of the tank, touch for a few seconds a metal part like the roof of the car. This way we will release part of the static electricity contained in us.

Tricks to Save Fuel

Five Tricks to Save Fuel using Air Conditioning

Summer is approaching and we are already having the first days with an overwhelming heat, with thermometers marking temperatures above 30 degrees. In addition to protecting your car from the sun and monitoring the problems with air conditioning, there are also tricks for the air conditioning to cool properly without involving a greater expenditure of fuel, as well as to extend its life and start to give failures at the most inappropriate moment and finish with the cabin turned into a furnace.

And is that air conditioning affects the consumption of the vehicle. While it is on, a compressor sucks the refrigerant gas and passes it to a condenser, where it returns to liquid state in a radiator… until the expansion valve, where it goes back to gas and cools down. After cooling the air, it passes thanks to a fan through the grilles of the dashboard aerators … and back to start.

All this process of removing heat from the air by mechanical processes (drawing air from the outside or recalculating the passenger compartment) spends energy, which comes from the car engine, which must make more effort : in addition to moving the vehicle, the engine You must operate the compressor. This extra effort translates into an increase in consumption between 5 and 20% (a few tenths in consumption, although it varies depending on the type of car).

And yes, benefits are lost, but you will only notice it in cars with small engines and demanding a lot of air conditioning. It is also true that some modern vehicles choose to disconnect the air conditioner if the pedal is pressed fully, so as not to compromise safety by demanding maximum power.

Before entering

It is obvious that the more we try to lower the interior temperature, it will cost more energy (fuel in this case), to reach it. Therefore, using tricks to cool a car quickly can save some fuel.

Tips to Start your Car Cold

When starting

Do you get to the car and discover that it is like an oven? To help the air conditioning to work, it is ideal that during the first minutes circulating proceed to open the window a little. Yes, at the same time you turn on the air conditioner. As hot air weighs less than cold, it tends to go up. That way you help it to go away and be replaced by the cold more quickly. After a while, you can proceed to close them.


In our tips to spend less fuel we already tell you that lowering the windows of the car worsens aerodynamics. That will make the car spend more … but that aerodynamic loss is not too big if the speed is low. According to several studies, the critical moment is at 80-90 km / h (from there, the air that enters “slows down” the car.) Hence, in urban journeys at a lower speed, you spend less fuel with the down windows that use background air conditioning to cool the car.

Sometimes, when the heat is a lot, lowering the windows is not enough to guarantee a comfortable temperature … but opening them will renew the hot air of the car, lowering a few degrees to the passenger compartment and making the compressor work less … spending less fuel.

Have you used it in winter?

Like any component in the car, getting it to work regularly is a guarantee that it will work when needed. So do not hesitate to use it for actions like demisting the crystals in winter. In addition to gaining security (it is much faster to gain visibility), you ensure that it is not damaged by lack of use.

Do not force it

To prevent the air conditioning from spoiling, it is also vital to avoid working at maximum power. In this sense, remember the first two points to lower the temperature of the passenger compartment before starting the road … and once underway, be rational with its use. Nor do you have to freeze. The ideal temperature inside the car should be around 22 degrees. Anything lower than that temperature is an unnecessary expense of fuel.

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