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Ways to Get Rid of New Car Smell

How to Eliminate the Smell of New Car

Even though there are many people that the smell of a new car is quite pleasant, especially since it reminds them at all times that it is a new car, there are other people who find it almost sickly, even up to cause dizziness. Inside the interior cleaning of cars there are many tricks to eliminate this kind of smell although it must be said that many are home remedies and although they work, they do it in a parenthesis of quite large time, so that smell will not go away for quite some time.

What causes this smell is the materials that are used in the manufacture and assembly of the dashboard and also in the coatings of the interior walls of the doors, which means that being so close to where we sit, the smell seems so intense in every moment.

For example, placing a cup of coffee on the dashboard during the night, making sure it is on a surface where you cannot fall, the smell will be a bit reduced, and it will be more as we leave a new cup of coffee another night more, although this, in the end, ends up being certainly cumbersome.

You can try an air freshener, but with it, we will only be masking the smell and you may end up smelling much worse when you mix the two scents and it would be worse the remedy than the disease.

If you have your own garage to which we only have access, we can always leave the windows open, although dust or other smells from the outside could also enter, but we would notice how the smell changes, although the aroma again can last even months, so the best option is to leave the car in the hands of professionals for a few hours and we will forget that smell forever, leaving us with a completely neutral smell.

Importance of Clean Car

Importance of Clean Car

Not only to make a good impression but to feel better and more comfortable in our vehicle, cleaning the car is very important, but not only in terms of aesthetics but have a clean car, even in the engine area, will make our vehicle is always in the best-operating conditions and faults resulting from dirt do not appear or take much longer to do so.

The key to this is to get used to doing it, at least once a week and once a month for a thorough cleaning, in this way, having the car always with the best appearance will be much easier. Who has not used the morning of a Saturday or Sunday to clean the car? In addition, it could also become a family activity where the little ones could collaborate.

Tricks to Extend the Life of your Car

Also, if you are one of those people who does not like to clean the car or even if you do not have time to do it, there are always specialized companies that will leave our car with maximum cleanliness, both in the engine and in the interior, making special emphasis on areas such as upholstery, which can be left perfect with a good car wash by hand; It is also important to have a clean dashboard or other areas such as tires and tires.

Something that we must always have clean is the crystals because traveling with a dirty windshield can cause problems when driving. It is not enough just to pass them soap and water, you always have to have them very dry and to be able to treat the glass with a special liquid that allows repelling water droplets, dirt, insects, organic remains, etc. for more time and always have the maximum vision of the possible road.

Car Mats Cleaning Tips

How Car Mats are Cleaned

Car Mats Cleaning Tips and Tricks

When we talk about the interior cleaning of cars, we can think of the upholstery, the glass, the control panel or the mats, which is what we are going to talk about next. It is one of the parts of the interior of the car that gets dirty most and that must be cleaned periodically.

Steps to clean the car matsSteps to clean the car mats

The first thing to do is remove the car mats and shake them in a place where you can pick up dirt, gravel or any other debris that may be in this part of the car. Then you have to wash them well and rub them with a brush to remove any residue that may have remained attached.

While drying, it is important to also wash the area of the car that covers the mats. In this case, the first thing to do is pass a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt that there is, that there will surely be. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can go to a car wash to do it in exchange for some coins.

If the car is old, you may have some plastic mats or soft rubber, are one of the easiest to clean because it is enough with water, soap and a brush to keep them clean

The procedure is very simple and although it can be done by hand, you may not have the time or the material to clean them properly. On the other hand, the result obtained in a car wash for a couple of coins may not be optimal.

Therefore, the most advisable is to take the car to a car wash company and be unconcerned, because they will leave the mats as if they had left the factory since they will have all the specific materials and products to achieve it.

Wonderful Tips

After your car has been cleaned, use an air freshener and scented spray to leave your car smelling sweet and clean.

Benefits of Tire Washing

Car Wheel and Tires Detailing Guide

Within the section of the cleaning of the automobile, it is necessary to emphasize the tires, one of the points in which not all the users’ repair and that is very important. That is why we are going to talk to you about some of the benefits of properly washing the tires.

Why should we wash the tires?

As often happens with the front of the car, both the defense, as the optics or the calendar, the tires are one of the areas that can get more dirt due to continuous contact with the firm.

For this reason, we must pay special attention to this area because although it may seem otherwise, dirt can become a problem and not only aesthetic.

Tips to Protect Car Paint

The accumulation of dirt that may be in the area of tires and tires can make it all come to the brake, material that is manufactured brake pads. This can cause it to wear faster or even have some kind of problem to brake, especially if it is an unexpected braking.

Another very important point and for which we must pay special attention not only to the washing of the tire itself but also to the tire, is the aesthetic section. What is the value of washing the car thoroughly if you have not taken special care with the tire-rim assembly?

For that reason, when it comes to washing the car in depth, the best advice is to start directly with the area of the tires and tires. If we leave it for the end, we may splash the rest of the car clean and would do the job again, although it is best to trust the professionals and they are the ones who are responsible for leaving the car with the best possible appearance.

A little history about tires

Many of the vehicles of today have aluminum wheels as standard or even tend to suit the tastes of each person, but mainly for aesthetic reasons and if what is sought is to have a good appearance in relation to the car … Why go with dirty tires? Nobody likes to go with their dirty car and the tires are one of the parts that usually accumulate more dirt as the vehicle is used, so it is always advisable to wash cars by hand to ensure they always look the best.

Sports, urban, off-road, at present there are a large number of models of tires for each class of vehicle, also called wheels (rin) as they are called in some countries of America. Where are you from? They may seem very modern but have nothing to do with the first ones that were made, which consisted of metal rings, usually, iron or steel, with different widths and that fit externally on the wheels of the cars.

The cannons and other pieces of artillery of yesteryear had thick wooden wheels to support their own weight, but instead of going with the wood exposed, the wheels were half-covered by different parts of metal with the same curvature as the wheels, facilitating a greater resistance against the blows suffered by the wheels in the transport itself, giving them much more hardness.

Wheel Refurbishment Process

Civilian vehicles also used tires in the same way as military cars and guns. These covered the entire exterior of the wooden wheel with the same sheet of metal that was attached to the wood by nails or screws embedded in the rim itself. At first, they were quite thin but this, in addition to making travel uncomfortable, spoiled the floor they passed, especially if it was made of stone.

As time went by, the surface of the rim became wider and gradually evolved to what it is today, a motif of distinction with which to give the car a sporty touch, with which to fix the tires and at the same time give a better look to the vehicle in question, regardless of whether it is a series car, an SUV or a supercar, but the important thing is always to offer a good appearance with these parts of the car so exposed to dirt.

Eliminate Odors

Eliminate Odors from the Interior of your Vehicle

The cleaning of the interior of cars is very important to maintain a space that we use a lot in the best conditions as well as to give a good image to those who climb with us, be it family, friends, etc. What impression would it make if our car is dirty or smells bad?

Of scents, we will talk in this entry, one of the great handicaps for those who use the car very often, for those who smoke inside or have young children who sometimes put everything lost with food, drink, vomit etc. All the organic stains are decomposed and besides being able to dinar to the upholstery or plastics, they also smell, and very badly.

Vacuuming the car can be a good idea and much more if we make a steam cleaning of the car’s upholstery, which will remove much of the dirt that adheres to the seats every day.

Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

To remove dirt and possible odors from the dashboard you can use a liquid such as white vinegar, it is very powerful and less strong than alcohol, which will make you respect the plastics, although you have to leave the doors open for a while to go that smell.

If you smoke in the car, the ceiling will smell bad, so you have to use soap and water, never use steam cleaning because the coating could come off. Putting one or two charcoal stones will help us to improve the environment since it is a material that is used in many models of air filters.

Finally, we cannot forget the mats, another corner of the car where more dirt accumulates and not use air fresheners when the car already smells bad, because not only masks the smell but could worsen the smell of the car.

Because there are a lot of stains that produce odors that are very difficult to remove from our vehicle, it is advisable to go to a washing center specialized in getting a complete cleaning of your car.

Why should we keep our car in a good state of cleanliness?

Having a car is a responsibility, something that must be taken care of and taken care of so that we always have it in the best conditions, both of operation and aesthetics, therefore it must receive a mechanical attention periodically and take care of it inside such as a good cleaning car upholstery, to finish with any liquid, food, vomit or any other kind of dirt that could have, whether it is fabric or skin, because everyone likes to have a car tidy and clean.

Car Detailing Services NZ

The engine is one of the parts of the car that suffer the most, not only for its own work, which is already hard but because it is exposed to dirt at all times, making some of its most external parts look clogged by dirt.

If the car counts leather seats it is very important not only to have them clean but to take care of the skin so that it does not crack, especially in those places where they have more use, for that reason you have to hydrate the skin so that it always stays in the best conditions and lasts a long time.

Having the car in optimal cleaning conditions will not cost us too much time, it also gives us a good image, which is ideal when it comes to going out with friends, family or when you have to take a co-worker to the workplace. The car reveals part of our personality and if we go with a dirty car, with things thrown by the mats or even with a bad smell, the impression we will make will be very bad.

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